The truth behind a Beta Male personality type.

The truth Behind a Beta Male Personality Type

What being an Beta really means:

He does not want to be seen but enjoys seeing his plans fall into place. He is a master of moving around the behind-the-scenes elements and never receiving credit.

Value in comparison:

The mistake most make is considering the Beta to be weaker than the Alpha. Just as in the animal kingdom, the female is one that does the daily hunting that keeps the pride alive, the male does the monthly BIG FIGHTS to keep the pride safe, both elements are essential.

Company leadership is usually in the limelight accepting the accolades for a job well done while the team that actually executed the task quietly enjoy their bonuses. Beta’s understand that limelight can quickly become cannon smoke. They understand that it is far better to assist several kings than risk being beheaded by everyone that wants your power.

Top issues faced by Beta men that we don’t talk about:

Running multiple scenarios using live people as pawns can get very tricky. Be aware in sharp changes in direction, motive and focus as it is necessary to monitor the moods, needs and influences of key players. Is there a function that he REFUSES to attend? Is there someone that wronged him greatly and he seemed to simply “let it go” without a fight? There is a plan brewing.

How to help your Beta man improve of things you may not know he’s working on:

Information is FUEL to a Beta man. Usually, this type of man is much more interested in communication on a relationship level than an Alpha. They are interested in understanding how people think and what motivates them. If this is the case, then copious amounts of data is needed in order to create the right plan to lure them into the needed position. So the best thing you can do is Recon. Search and report back on people, places, events, deals. Anything that you think he could use in his arsenal.  

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Looking for faster results for your Beta: 

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