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5 Steps To Grow A Better Beard Naturally

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Growing a beard is one of the visible ways you can show off your manliness and masculinity. A great beard is an accomplishment that many men aspire to from the time of pre-pubescent teenagehood all the way well into adulthood.

But have you ever thought about how some guys seem to have great beards without even trying? Like they have to try to keep the hair off their face while you are just trying to get something that looks a little better than the patchy mess you’ve got going on? 

Well, you can – you just have to know how.

There are some essential steps to growing a better beard naturally so that you can hold your chin up high with pride and full of luscious hair.

1. Nutrition and Wellness

Your diet, nutrition and generally how well you take care of yourself makes a huge impact on your ability to grow a full, healthy and long beard. If you don’t nourish your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs in order to grow your beard the way you want to.

Eating foods that are high in vitamins E, A, and C will nourish your skin and hair follicles promoting healthy beard growth. Some great foods that have all these vitamins are:

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Liver
  • Cinnamon
  • Oysters

Now, incorporating all these foods into your diet may not be ideal or easy to do. Adding a great supplement for beard growth that has all of these vitamins in it is a convenient way to promote healthy beard growth.

2. Testosterone

The amount of naturally occurring testosterone in your body will definitely affect your ability to grow a beard and how fast you’ll be able to do so. 

Testosterone gets converted into DHT which is directly related to hair growth on your face. If you think low testosterone could be an issue that is inhibiting your beard growth, consider a T-boosting supplement to help you out.

3. Exfoliate & Moisturize

Taking care of your skin is half the battle of growing a better beard. If your hair follicles are clogged or not being stimulated then the hair growth will be much slower. Daily exfoliation and massage will help your facial hair grow much faster. 

Moisturizing daily is another step that will not only help in growing your beard but also to enrich the quality of your skin in general.

4. Grooming

Proper grooming and grooming with the right tools will help the appearance of your beard as well as the growth. There are some things that work better than others, and it is important to take just as careful care of the hair on your face as the hair on your head. 

Here are three things to use regularly to make sure your beard is attractive and healthy:

  • Use a razor blade vs an electric shaver. Razor blades don’t cut your hairs as sharply, which prevents split ends and promotes growth.
  • Use a beard oil everyday to keep your beard hair soft, supple and healthy.
  • Trim split ends when necessary. Don’t over trim your beard, but keep an eye on those frizzy ends.

5. Patience

Overall, the most key piece of this process is patience. You should follow all of these steps to get a thick, healthy, and long beard. Eat well, take care of your skin, implement supplements, and groom yourself.  

But the fact of the matter is that even while doing these things, you still have to wait. Hair grows, and it typically isn’t fast. Just be patient and don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own awesome beard growth journey.

Top 10 Beard Growing Mistakes - How to Avoid Them – Dynamism Labs

Top 10 Beard Growing Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

Table of Contents

There is nothing more masculine than having a glorious beard. It looks cool, boosts confidence, and proclaims your identity, just like a smile. A healthy beard is a fountain of youth that protects your facial skin from UV rays and keeps it moist, wrinkle-free, and youthful for longer. While the benefits of growing a healthy beard are undeniable, it requires commitment. 

Beard-growing is one of those things that seems simple and straightforward until you try it, then you’ll realize it is more than just letting it grow. You need to commit to a proper facial hair care routine and avoid beard-growing mistakes.The most common beard-growing mistakes are just bad beard habits and are avoidable. 

bad beard habits to avoid

The perfect beard should meet specific qualities in terms of length, liveliness, and thickness, which are influenced by other factors. For instance, the thickness of your beard is influenced by the color, density, and diameter of hair strands. 

You won’t attain the perfect thickness if a single mistake affects either the diameter of hair strands, color, or density. So, you have to avoid common beard-growing mistakes for your beard to strike the perfect balance and grow thicker and fuller. 

Common beard-growing mistakes should never hold you back from having a thicker beard. To help you grow a thicker and fuller beard, here are the top 10 beard-growing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Washing Your Beard Daily

While keeping a clean beard is highly recommended, overwashing can affect its thickness, length, and shine. Every time you wash your beard, nutrients and essential oils are washed away. The more you wash, the more you’ll lose.
Washing Your Beard Daily

Without nutrients and oils, hair follicles will start drying out and uproot, leading to bald spots and thinning. You only need to wash your beard 2-3x a week to keep your beard healthy. 

If you’ve been over-washing your beard and experiencing some thinning or bald spots, beard growth supplements can help rejuvenate and regrow your beard thicker and quicker.

Being Impatient with Your Beard

Growing a luscious beard is not something you can do overnight or in a couple of weeks. It requires a lot of patience. One common beard-growing mistake is comparing how your beard is growing to others. 

If your beard grows slower, trying to catch up to a friend with super-fast growth can lead to poor choices and mistakes. Beard-growing is a life-long journey with several phases. First, you have to wait a few weeks to attain a stubble then overcome the itchy beard phase

itchy beard stage
Please don’t try to style up your beard too early if it doesn’t cover your face fully. Give it time and space to grow, and it will deliver what you desire. If your beard is growing unnaturally slow, you can use beard growth supplementsto promote rapid growth.

Overdoing Beard Care Routine

One of the most common beards growing mistakes is overdoing facial hair care routine. Whether it is trimming or combing, overdoing any beard care routine can sabotage your efforts. 

For instance, combing is strenuous to beard hairs and follicles. If you comb or brush your beard every minute, the strain of pulling and tugging can lead to splitting and uprooting.

best beard care routine
Schedule thorough combing only after you wash your beard and straighten it with light brushing before starting your day. Walking around with a beard comb is a bad habit that can encourage over combing.

Forgetting to Supplement

Even though a well-balanced diet contains vitamins, biotin, zinc, magnesium, and other essentials, the digestive system does not absorb 100% of the nutrients in your meal. Yet, all these nutrients and minerals play crucial roles in growing a healthy beard. To grow your beard thicker, you need beard growth supplements. 

But do beard growth supplements work?The best beard growth supplement contains the minerals mentioned above and unique vitamins like biotin that are scientifically proven to stimulate thicker and fuller beard growth. If you don’t get the essential nutrients and minerals from your diet, a beard growth supplement offers the perfect opportunity to attain the beard of your dreams.

Using Women’s Hair Products

When you’re desperate to grow your beard thicker, it is easy to believe in misconceptions. The fact that most women have long shiny hair doesn’t necessarily mean that women’s hair products can boost your beard’s thickness or length.
beard care and maintenance
Using women’s hair products on your beard is a big mistake. These products are designed to work on women’s scalp and hair, which are completely different compared to your facial skin and beard hair. It can do more damage than good.

Letting Your Beard Run Wild

Different parts of your beard grow at different rates, which can look unbalanced if it is untrimmed for long periods. The fact that your beard proclaims your identity underscores the importance of trimming it once in a while. Trimming your beard down with the same setting will improve your look and reduce patchiness by allowing the areas that are growing slower to catch up.

beard growing tips
It will also protect tender facial skin underneath the beard by promoting free circulation of air and discourage colonization of bacteria and germs. In the early stages, use a clipper with a guard length and trim using the same setting all the way around. Don’t try to shape your stubble until you attain a fuller beard.

Foregoing Beard Moisturizer

After washing your beard, you can apply beard moisturizers to replenish the oils and nutrients that have been washed away. Only use natural moisturizers that contain essential oils and nutrients from plants and other natural ingredients. 

Natural moisturizer products can nourish your facial skin and support a thicker and healthier beard. Moisturizing the skin underneath your beard after washing can also eliminate beardruff and beard itch.

You can also use beard growth supplements with vitamins to enhance the effectiveness of the moisturizer. Foregoing the moisturizer is a common beard-growing mistake to avoid.

Letting Your Beard Go Thirsty

Beard-growing goes beyond the beard. You have to meet the recommended daily water intake to moisturize your skin and soften your beard. 

Staying hydrated will also reduce dandruff and itchy skin. Beard growth vitamins can promote healthy skin and softer beard hair.

Neglecting Proper Facial Skincare

To increase your harvest, you have to manage the soil on your farm more effectively. This basic principle applies to both crop-growers and beard-growers. 

Neglecting proper facial skincare is a rookie mistake that can make it harder for you to attain a thicker and lush beard. Healthy skin is the foundation of a healthy beard. 

Cleaning your face regularly will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, which reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. It’s like weeding the farm, which usually leads to thicker, healthier growth.

Destructive Beard Care Routines

Curling, dying, and blow-drying your beard can have destructive effects. Products used to curl, and dye hair contains harsh chemicals that can do more damage than good to your beard. 

Blow drying is great for styling your beard if done correctly. But, exposing your beard to the heat from a blow-dry for long periods can lead to heat damage or burn the tender facial skin underneath.

At Dynamism Labs, we’re focused and dedicated to helping men live confidently. If you want to grow a thicker, natural beard, you can rely on Dynamism’s Ultimate Beard Growth. It’s scientifically formulated using powerful natural ingredients that are proven to increase the beard’s thickness, fullness, and overall appearance. With the best beard growth supplement on the market, you can grow your beard thicker and quicker!
Beard Care During Pandemic - While Wearing Face Masks

Beard Care During Pandemic – While Wearing Face Masks

Table of Contents

Nothing should ever come between a man and his beard, except his well-being. Regardless of how much you love your beard, your health should always be a priority. The recent global health crisis transformed our way of life and simple pleasures like growing a beard. Men who are attached to their thick, full-grown beards contemplated shaving for the first time in decades.

Beard Care

Source: bbc.com

Beards don’t go well with face masks, which creates a dilemma. Although wearing a mask is your first line of defense against the invisible enemy, it can negatively affect your beard’s growth, shine, and thickness.

What is the Issue with Beards and Face Masks?

According to CDC’s facial hair infographic, you can safely wear face masks with simple beard styles like stubbles, handlebar mustaches, and soul patches. It is a huge relief that you don’t have to shave your fountain of youth. But, you still need to address the challenge of covering your lush beard under a face mask for prolonged periods. Thick beards require unrestricted airflow, which is a challenge if you’re wearing a tight-fitting face mask.

Issue with Beards and Face Masks

Source: star.co.ke

Covering your thick beard with a cloth mask for prolonged periods can capture the heat and moisture from your breath. Condensation with high temperatures creates a conducive environment for bacteria to colonize your beard and face mask. It puts your beard, comfort, and overall health at risk. To protect your lush facial hair, youthful skin, and health, adopt effective beard care strategies.

Beard Care Tips for Your Protection

You need effective beard care strategies to help you adapt to the new normal. Find a mask that fits perfectly to improve airflow and ventilation. Your face mask should not be too tight and baggy. It should sit against the skin rather than your hair to reduce the risk of infection. You can find face masks with pleats, which can stretch and comfortably hold all your thick beard inside. But finding the perfect mask only solves one part of your dilemma. The second part of the equation is protecting your beard. Traditionally, beard care focused on promoting healthy facial hair and skin. In this uncertain time, your routine should protect your beard and overall health. You can rely on these 5 beard care tips for your protection:

Take care of Beard Dent

The main issue with mask-wearing is the heartbreaking beard dent. You style your beard in the morning to enhance your look, but you’ve also got to wear your mask in most public settings. The mask can push your beard downwards or sideways, resulting in an unflattering look. It leaves a horizontal line that splits your beard like a curtain of facial hair. You can’t attend important meetings and job functions looking like a clown!

Take care of Beard Dent

Source: thenationalnews

Fortunately, there is a simple strategy to eliminate beard dent and restore your cutting-edge style for modern gentlemen. First, dampen your facial hair and apply beard oil or conditioner. Second, use a round brush to straighten hair strands, eliminate beard dent, and restore your stylish look. You can sneak a round brush and beard oil into the office and store them in your drawer.

Trim Your Beard

Before the pandemic hit, you trimmed your beard to protect your looks and boost your confidence as you socialize and engage with the world. Working from home with minimal social interactions can entice you to let your beard run wild. Overgrown and unkempt facial hair can create gaps on your mask and allow the virus to sneak in. Trimming your beard is crucial now than ever.

Trim Your Beard Source: npr.com

The goal is to trim your beard to comfortably fit in your mask. Your mask’s seal on the edge of the fabric should sit on smoothly shaven skin to ensure airtight protection. Apart from a ZZ Top-style beard, you can trim most styles for your mask to cover all your whiskers and facial hair. Use the two-finger rule when trimming your neckline and avoid scraping off your neck. Invest in a trimmer and take the time to learn this vital beard care routine.

Supplement your Beard 

Covering your beard under the mask for hours every day is stressful to your sensitive facial skin, hair strands, and follicles. Your body should supply more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to protect your youthful skin and thick beard. Supplementation can help your body meet increased nutritional needs. You can use the best beard growth supplement to boost the supply of vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Supplement your Beard

Source: inquirer.com

Supplements for beard growth can nourish the skin underneath your facial hair. It contains natural ingredients like vitamins, which can help your body naturally moisturize, soften, and smoothen the skin and support healthy beard growth. Supplementation as part of your beard care routine can help you address the challenges of wearing masks constantly. It is the most effective strategy to protect your facial skin and promote long-term beard health.

Maintain Beard Hygiene

Even though wearing a face mask protects your beard from dust and dirt, it also increases the heat and accumulation of sweat and moisture from your breath. Harmful bacteria, germs, and pathogens can reproduce quickly in warm, dark, and moist areas. Colonies of disease-causing bacteria on your beard and insider your mask poses serious health risks. It also increases the risk of bacterial infection on the skin, leading to bald spots, thinning, and strong>decreased beard growth. Wearing a face mask regularly without adequate beard care and hygiene is a recipe for disaster. You can eliminate these risks by washing your beard twice or thrice a week.

Maintain Beard Hygien

Source: hair.lovetoknow.com

You can cleanse your facial skin once in a while to keep your beard neat and clean. Don’t over-wash your beard! It can erode essential oils from the skin underneath and dry out or weaken hair follicles leading to uprooting. You can use supplements for a thicker beard to replace lost nutrients and regrow your facial hair quickly. It can address beard thinning and catalyze rapid hair growth to cover any bald spots.


Most beard-related problems such as beardruff and itchiness occur due to dehydration. You can use natural beard moisturizers with essential oils to nourish and hydrate your facial skin. Applying beard oils can keep your beard hydrated, soften longer whiskers, and moisturize the skin underneath.

natural beard moisturizer

Source: healthline.com

To enhance the effectiveness of your beard oils and moisturizers, use beard growth supplements. Combining moisturizers and supplements for beard care can promote healthy skin and support full-grown facial hair in the long term.

At Dynamism Labs Parent company of Mantfup, we’re focused and dedicated to helping men live confidently. If you want to grow a thicker, natural beard, you can rely on Dynamism’s Ultimate Beard Growth. It’s scientifically formulated using powerful natural ingredients that are proven to increase the beard’s thickness, fullness, and overall appearance. With the best beard growth supplement on the market, you can grow your beard thicker and quicker!

Bad Beard Habits You Should Quit Right Now - Beard Growth Supplement

10 Bad Beard Habits You Should Quit Right Now

Table of Contents

Maintaining a full, glorious beard serves a higher purpose than just looking cooler. Your majestic mane proclaims your identity. It is a natural filter that protects your skin from UV rays, bacterial infections, and skin-related issues like acne. Like a fountain of youth, your beard keeps your skin moist, wrinkle-free, and youthful. A lush, full-grown beard can also build your confidence!

Nothing should ever come between you and your beard. Especially not bad beard habits. When it comes to beard care, too much of anything can be a bad habit; avoid these bad habits to protect your facial fountain of youth!

Here are 10 bad beard habits you should quit right now:

Picking on your beard

When you’re idle, frustrated, or anxious, your hand can unconsciously wander and start picking at your beard. This is a reflex action as you seek to channel the emotions elsewhere or kill time. We’ve all engaged in this bad beard habit.

Picking on Your Beard

Tugging, pulling, and picking on your beard can damage individual hairs and weaken the follicles. If you don’t quit this habit, beard hairs will start falling off leading patchiness and bald spots. 

Avoid the unsightly patchy spots by keeping those hands off the beard, but if it’s already too late, you can rejuvenate beard regrowth over the spots quickly with the best beard growth supplements. To quit picking at your beard, channel your emotions and idleness elsewhere and away from your beard, try a stress ball or fidget spinner!

Using hair products on your beard

While your beard hairs and the hair on your scalp are similar, your facial skin and scalp are not the same. Facial skin is delicate and sensitive to hair products that are specifically formulated for your scalp. 

Hair shampoo is specifically designed to work on the scalp without causing damage but it’s not ideal for facial skin for a variety of reasons.

Washing Your Beard Daily

You can’t use skin lighteners, perfumes, or other products loaded with chemicals on the skin of a newborn, right? It can damage their tender skin, cause rashes, or worse. Compared to the scalp, your facial skin is just like a newborn’s tender skin. 

To protect your glorious beard, quit using toxic hair products on your beard. Instead, you can use natural beard shampoo and take beard growth vitamins to nourish and protect the health of your beard.

Over-washing your beard

While keeping your beard neat and clean is highly recommended, washing over and over again is a bad habit. Over washing your beard washes away healthy, essential oils and nutrients from your facial skin. 

Plants won’t grow well in heavily without the right soil, right? Without natural oils and nutrients, your beard and follicles can dry out and weaken, leading to hair loss.

Over Washing Your Beard

If you already have bald spots, you can use popular beard growth supplements to regrow your beard hairs and fill the spots in quickly. Wash your beard 2-3x a week, but never over wash. Don’t forget beard growth vitamins to replace the nutrients you’ve just washed away.

Plucking out beard hairs

Aging gracefully is noble and requires you to embrace all that comes with it. Those grey hairs on your beard demand a certain level of respect. It shows that you’re confident and more than satisfied with your accomplishments in life.

Plucking them out can weaken and damage the follicles. It increases the risk of ingrown beard hair, and you’ll still have to pluck even more the next morning. Plucking the greys can do more harm than good. Ditch the tweezers and embrace your grey beard hairs and all that come with them!

Forgetting to supplement

Your beard requires more than the bare minimum nutrition supplied by the body. This is where beard supplements come in handy. The best beard growth supplements will help you deliver all the vitamins and nutrients to nourish and grow your beard. 

Natural beard growth vitamins can support a healthy beard. It also softens, smoothens, and moisturizes the skin underneath. Your beard needs love and attention. 

You can love and tend to your beard with the best beard growth vitamins. Don’t forget about supplements for beard growth!

Combing your beard with a hair brush

The scalp has a smoother contour compared to the sharp angles and edges on your chin. Hair combs or brushes have bristles of the same length. They are designed to work perfectly on your girlfriend’s hair but not your beard. Only one or two bristles will reach the bottom of your lush beard and leave a large portion still tangled up.

Combing Your Beard with a Hair Brush

Untangling all your beard is extremely important. It ensures even distribution of oils and cleans dead skin cells, dirt, and dust. An untangled beard is perfectly ventilated deep down to the skin. To attain all of these benefits, you have to invest in a beard brush. Man up and quit using your girlfriend’s hair brush on your beard!

Poor beard trimming routine

There has to be a boundary where your beard ends and chest hair starts, right? A perfectly trimmed neckline shows your commitment to grooming. But how do you trim your beard? It has to outline the edge of your beard perfectly. 

Trimming your beard is easy, but your neckline can be tricky. For starters, don’t practice using a straight razor for the first time on your neck if you value your life.

Poor Beard Trimming Routine
Don’t scrape off your neck completely to avoid breaking your beard. It’s important to invest in a trimmer and use the two-finger rule with your neckline ending at the top of your index finger. Poor or lack of beard trimming can both be bad beard habits. Ditch them!

Foregoing beard moisturizer

Natural beard moisturizers contain essential oils and other natural ingredients that nourish your skin to support a healthy, full-grown beard. These products can replenish the oils and nutrients that are stripped away when you wash your beard. Beard moisturisers contain oils and ingredients that can soften your facial hair and eliminate beard itch and beardruff (AKA beard dandruff).

You can supplement with the best beard growth vitamins to enhance the effectiveness of your beard moisturizer. Supplements for beard growth from Dynamism Labs supply the nutrients and vitamins for a majestic and lush beard. Foregoing moisturizer can be a bad beard habit. Make the change!

Over-brushing your beard

When it comes to beard care, overdoing anything can be a bad habit. This includes beard brushing. Just like plucking and picking on your beard, overuse of a beard brush pulls and tugs on individual beard hairs. This is strenuous to beard hairs and follicles. It can lead to splitting and uprooting, but you can strengthen your beard by taking the best beard growth vitamins.
best beard care routine

Brushing your beard is highly recommended, but over-brushing will do more harm than good. Walking around with a beard brush in the pocket can encourage over-brushing. Keep the beard brush out of your pocket and use it sparingly to keep your beard healthy!

Poor blow drying strategy

Blow drying is a double-edged sword. It is great for styling your beard if done correctly. But, it can also damage your beard if you use poor blow-drying strategies. Heat damage is the main concern with blow dryers. A few minutes more than required can fry or even burn your beard badly. Luckily, if you do burn your beard, you can use the best supplements for beard growth to restore your beard. Poor blow-drying strategies increase the risks of heat damage, go easy on the blowdryer!

Bottom Line

Regardless of your bad beard habits, you can quit them and protect your fountain of youth. Be conscious of replacing your current bad habits with even worse habits. If you pull on your beard and try to resolve it by over-brushing, you can worsen the problem rather than resolving it. If quitting right now is a problem for you, focus on improving week by week, and you’ll crush that bad beard habit before you know it!

At Dynamism Labs Parent company of ManTFup, we are dedicated to providing insight and solutions to help all men to live happily and confidently. You can always rely on our beard growth vitamins, which are made from natural ingredients and is one of the best supplements for beard growth on the market!

Beard growth supplement - Worried about losing your beard?

Top 10 Reasons You Didn’t Know Why Beard Growth Reduces in Men

Table of Contents

One day your beard is growing fine, and the next thing you know it seems to stop. Have you recently been dealing with reduced beard growth? You’re not alone! There are many reasons this can happen to men, and there are some things you can do such as take beard growth supplements. Today we’ll discuss the top 10 reasons you didn’t know why beard growth reduces in men.

Reason 1 - You Don’t Eat Enough To Support Proper Beard Growth

Have you recently been consuming fewer calories than you are used to? You may not know this but it takes a lot of calories to grow facial hair. This is especially true if you want it to grow fast. If you begin eating a diet that consists of too few calories it can reduce the hormones in your body that regulate hair growth.

There was a 7-year study that compared men who consumed low-calorie diets to men who ate normal diets. The results were clear, men who ate less had much lower levels of testosterone than the men who ate more each day. 

Remember that testosterone is the key hormone that regulates beard growth. If you begin eating too little each day it will noticeably slow your growth.

Reason 2 - Too Much Stress In Your Life

Stress can bring about many negative effects on your body. It is a big factor in good physical health. 

So, when you are deprived of proper sleep levels or over-worked your facial hair will not grow as fast or as strong as it should. Any type of stress that you can alleviate from your life will help but some people can do very little to change their current stress levels.

If there’s not much you can do about your stress at least be sure to drink plenty of water, rest when you can, and eat a balanced diet. You can also regularly exercise and look into taking beard growth supplements.

Reason 3 - Aggressive Care Routines

While taking proper care of your facial hair is one of the best ways to grow a beard, you can go overboard with your care routine. In fact, there are many things men do that damage their beards and suppress their natural growth rates. 

For example, using a blow-dryer on too high of a heat setting on a wet beard can actually cause structural damage to the hair follicles and fibers. Applying other forms of heat such as beard straighteners can also cause a great deal of damage if a heat shield spray is not used in the process.

So, the main things you need to avoid when it comes to caring for your beard are intense heat, combing it too often, using too many products that lead to clogged pores, picking at it, and washing it too often.

Reason 4 - Not Getting Proper Amounts of Vitamins & Minerals

Let’s face it, your body needs certain amounts of specific vitamins and minerals to function properly. So, when your diet is lacking fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K2 your beard will begin to grow slower. 

The same is true for the family of B vitamins, especially biotin, as they are essential for proper hair growth. If you don’t get the proper vitamins from your diet it’s a great idea to find the best beard growth supplement that contains the vitamins mentioned above as well as selenium, zinc, calcium, boron, and magnesium.

Reason 5 - Being Too Impatient

A full beard will not grow overnight, or even in a month. Like most great things, a beard takes time! In fact, the average beard only grows about half-an-inch per month. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hair growth rate is different for every man. 

So, don’t bother comparing yourself to another bearded man because your genetics are different! Just remember don’t give up because parts of your beard may simply develop slower than others. 

Beards will continue to develop until men reach their 30s. So, even if you have a patchy beard in your 20s you have plenty of time for it to reach its full potential. Regardless of how old you are, you should always allow a full two months to grow a beard.

Reason 6 - Letting Your Beard Get Too Dry

Many beard issues, including dandruff and itch, are easy to get rid of with proper hydration. It’s highly recommended that you use a daily moisturizer in your beard. So, the best way to prevent your beard hair from becoming too dry is to moisturize it daily and then add some beard oil to make the hairs softer.

Reason 7 - Decreased Hormone Levels

Facial hair is what’s known as androgenic-hair. Its growth is regulated and stimulated by the two male hormones known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone (T). More specifically, DHT regulates linear growth while T primes the hair follicles. 

There are many reasons men see reduced amounts of these hormones including lack of sleep, weight gain, aging, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, among others.

Reason 8 - Not Engaging In Regular Exercise

The key to healthy facial hair is having a healthy mind and body. One of the best ways to grow a beard is to engage in regular exercise. In fact, exercise is essential for healthy circulation, healthy aging, and managing hormone levels.

Reason 9 - Improper Shaving Techniques

There are many beard myths out there, and perhaps the worst is that shaving against the grain and more often helps stimulate growth. This is simply not true. In fact, shaving your beard has nothing to do with thickness, growth speed, or beard color. 

The only reason shaving more often gives the illusion that your beard is getting thicker is that you are cutting the fine tips off and are left with a stub that’s coarser and thicker. In reality, your facial hair is not growing thicker or faster, your tips simply look rougher.

Reason 10 - You’ve Reached Your Terminal Length Limits

If your beard is already long and seems to have slowed its growth rate or even stopped growing it may be because you’ve reached your terminal beard length. 

The reason for this is the anagen growth phase generally lasts for 2 to 6 years, and when this phase ends your hair moves into the catagen or resting phase. 

After the catagen phase is the telogen phase and this is where the hair finally sheds. So, when you have a long beard and hairs begin nearing the end of their anagen phase your growth actually will slow or even stop.

Do Beard Growth Supplements Work?

The simple answer is yes. Beard growth supplements are packed with vitamins and minerals that stimulate the growth of hair. So, if you are looking for a way to increase your beard’s growth time and fullness it’s a great idea to find the supplement for your needs.

In conclusion, while your beard will eventually stop growing once it’s reached its maximum length there are plenty of things you can do if you’re not to that phase just yet. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, exercise, taking beard growth supplements, and properly caring for your beard are the best things you can do for yourself.

Do Beard Growth Supplements Really Work

Do Beard Growth Supplements Really Work? Here’s 6 Reasons Why They Do

Table of Contents

Do you have a beard that you want to grow faster and thicker? The best way to achieve this is by a combination of beard grooming and taking beard growth vitamins. Beards have grown in popularity over the last several years, and so have the emergence of beard growth supplements. There are currently many in the market, but how do you know which one to choose? Today we’ll discuss the best beard growth supplement and the top 6 reasons why they work.

Reason 1 – They Contain Biotin

Biotin, or you may also know it as B7, is a vitamin that’s water-soluble and responsible for good skin health and the production of keratin. Studies have shown when you have a deficiency of biotin your hair will begin to thin. This vitamin is often discussed as the key ingredient for hair growth, as it affects the amino acids involved with protein synthesis. Hence, it will help both your hair and nails to grow. Just keep in mind that since it’s water-soluble most of your dosage will be expelled through your urine.

Reason 2 – They Contain Iron and Vitamin D

Beard growth supplements usually contain iron and vitamin D. These are wonderful nutrients for hair as research has proven that low iron levels and a vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss. When you take supplements that contain both of these compounds it will prevent this from happening, though it won’t grow a thicker beard. However, preventing hair loss will stop you from having patches of missing hair in your beard. You can also get high levels of iron and vitamin D from certain foods such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, dairy products, soy milk, cereal, beef liver, egg yolks, and cheese.

Reason 3 – Vitamin A Content

It’s been proven that having a deficiency of vitamin A will cause hair follicles to form small white lumps which can lead to hair loss. This vitamin is essential for the production of hair oil, or sebum, that prevents your hair from becoming brittle and dry. Hence, maintaining the right levels of vitamin A helps prevent hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency. It will also work to keep your beard hair healthy. Since vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin your body stores it well. Therefore, it is possible to overdose on vitamin A so be careful how much you consume.

Keep in mind that you may also be consuming foods high in this vitamin. Such foods include iceberg lettuce, cod liver oil, carrots, turkey liver, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and more.

Reason 4 – Vitamin E Content

Vitamin E is a vitamin responsible for good blood circulation. When you have proper blood circulation levels it can aid in keeping your hair follicles healthy. It does so because it helps increase the amount of circulation to your scalp.

Reason 5 – They Contain Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is found in many foods such as salmon, chicken liver, avocados, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, corn, and more. If you are not receiving the right amount of it in food form you should ensure your beard supplement contains it. This is because it’s thought that pantothenic acid is great for strengthening hair follicles which in turn helps them function properly.

Reason 6 – They Contain Inositol

Most beard supplements contain inositol. This is one of the best supplements for thicker hair. Inositol is a vitamin-like compound that is proven to help prevent your hair from thinning. Aside from getting this substance from supplements, you can also consume certain foods such as beef heart, lecithin oil, lecithin granules, liver, wheat germ, desiccated liver, and brown rice, among others.

In the end, the best way to grow a beard is to practice good beard grooming techniques and taking a daily beard growth supplement. Though there are many such supplements on the market, they are not all as effective as some. One of the best beard growth supplements we’ve found is Ultimate Beard Growth by Dynamism Labs. It’s available on their website and works well to nourish and hydrate your facial skin, as well as help to grow a thicker, manlier beard. By just taking the recommended 2 capsules per day it won’t take long to notice a major difference in your beard!

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