How To Fix Low Testosterone in Men Over 50

How To Fix Low Testosterone in Men Over 50

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Older men are at a higher risk of suffering drastically low levels of testosterone than younger men. In fact, there are well-documented research studies that describe how a man’s testosterone levels progressively drop once they surpass the age of 30. Why should this be concerning? A drop in this hormone leads to compromised sexual functions, sex drive, confidence, decreased muscle mass, mood swings, and bone density. All of this lays the foundation for a chronic stress problem which aggravates testosterone production even more!
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Scientists have hypothesized that it could be the reason why men generally have lower average life expectancy than women all over the world. It’s all connected and linked to the reason why men may be more likely to be unhealthy and make riskier choices than women. Anyway, this is a discussion for another day. For now, let us take a close look at what older men can do to boost their testosterone levels.

Upgrade Your Diet

It is no secret that what you eat has a impact on our bodies’ hormonal balance. In a 1988 study published in the National Library of Medicine, researchers at University of Utah’s Department of Medical Informatics investigated the correlation between nutritional factors and sex hormone levels in men. It was established that a high calorie diet rich in fats contributed to a drop in testosterone levels. Other studies using male athletes have also linked habits such as constant overeating and extreme dieting to the disruption of healthy hormonal production by the body.

On the other hand, a diet rich in proteins and balanced carbs is tremendously recommended for optimizing testosterone production by the body. Scientists and doctors actually recommend a whole-foods standard diet approach for increasing testosterone levels.

Exercise More Often

Exercise More Often

These days, everyone talks about exercise for all sorts of benefits. It is probably starting to sound like a broken record. However, there is a good reason. There is a wealth of scientific evidence that shows exercise does more than just keep health issues at bay. 

A 2011 study conducted by a research team from University of Cordoba’s Department of Morphological Sciences revealed that exercise not only increased reaction times and fitness in older men, but also testosterone levels. 

Given the fact that these hormones drop as men age, regular exercise can no longer be viewed as a pastime but a requirement to maintain testosterone levels.

For older men who are either overweight or obese, regular healthy exercise is far more impactful in terms of raising testosterone. 

You are probably now wondering what type(s) of exercise are the most effective? 

Scientific publications emphasize the benefits of resistance training activities such as weight lifting as well as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You know what else works well with an exercise or training program?

Testosterone boosters. We’ll discuss more about supplementation later in this article.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Lower Your Stress Levels

Nothing kills a man’s hormones faster than high stress levels. What happens is that when you are under high stress, the adrenal glands – which are responsible for hormone production – start to release a chemical known as cortisol. 

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism demonstrated that high levels of cortisol in the blood – also known as hyper-cortisolism – inversely impacts the circulating testosterone levels immediately. 

Additionally, hyper-cortisolism triggers the body to hold on to excess fat which is also bad for testosterone production as we have explained in the previous section.

If you are suffering from chronic stress, you may want to look into meditation practices and perhaps a change in lifestyle. If there is still little impact, consider seeing a therapist to address any underlying mental issues. 

Low testosterone levels will not just ruin your sex life, but also your confidence, and potentially relationships with others in your social circles.

Testosterone Supplementation for Older Men

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are an ally in keeping testosterone levels healthy in older men. Vitamin D for instance, increases testosterone levels and improves sexual function in men. It has been found to have incredible results in healthy overweight men who are undergoing a weight reduction program. Foods rich in vitamin D include salmon, cereal products, and fortified milk.

Mineral Supplements

Minerals are the elements that work behind the scene to move many of the body processes. Magnesium is a testosterone booster for men that plays a role in forming healthy bone structure and muscle function. Zinc has been found to dramatically improve the quality of sperm production in older men. 

Testosterone Boosters That Work

Testosterone Boosters That Work

The market is certainly not short of testosterone supplements. The beauty of the Testosterone booster from Dynamism Labs is that it doesn’t only contain one or two vitamins or minerals. 

It combines most of the vitamins and minerals that have already been proven to help with testosterone production by drawing from the most potent, natural herbal sources. 

Dynamism’s ManTFUp T-Booster contains a powerful blend of Horny Goat Weed extract, Tongkat Ali extract, Saw Palmetto extract, Wild Yam extract, and Boron amino acid chelate. This testosterone booster for men resolves the following conditions:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
If you have a pre-existing condition, make sure to talk to your healthcare provider first before taking any supplementation.

There is no reason to be ashamed if you suspect you have low testosterone. It happens to nearly aging men. 

At Dynamism Labs we are committed to bringing back the spark and the drive of the youthful male in older men. We want you to have a long, healthy, active life which is why all our supplements undergo a rigorous process to not only meet the highest industry standards, but also contain components that are proven to be the most beneficial.


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Muscle Gain Workouts for Skinny Arms and Legs

Muscle Gain Workouts for Skinny Arms and Legs

Table of Contents

Building muscle can be a bit more of a challenge when you’re naturally a lean or skinny person. If you want to see significant changes in your muscle mass then you will need to set new habits for muscle gain. Stick to these habits with consistency and rigor and you might just start to see the results you want!

Eating more, eating more often, and working out are key steps to gaining muscle when you’re a skinny person. 

The next important thing to remember is that you need to be doing the correct kind of muscle gain workouts if you have skinny arms and legs. If you exercise and workout, and still are struggling to see the muscle gains you would like, consider adding a muscle gain supplement to your health regimen.

Not every workout is created equal. Each style of working out and different exercises all serve different purposes with the body. 

There are cardio workouts, fat-burning workouts, and muscle-building workouts. We will focus on the muscle gaining workouts in this blog because we want to learn how to benefit those of us with skinny arms and legs.

Important Reminder: you should always consult with your primary physician before starting a new fitness or nutritional program to avoid harming yourself.

Disclaimer: Always wear appropriate clothing, shoes and use appropriate equipment to avoid injury during a workout.

#1 Workout - Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

3 sets of 10 reps per arm. Hold a 2-second pause at the top of each rep.

How to do a single arm row:

Bend at the waist to create a tabletop with your back, leaving a slight bend in your knees. Let your arms hang straight down to the floor, with your dumbbell in one hand.

Pull the weight straight up towards your body, keeping the elbow in close to your torso, until your elbow is bent to a right angle. Straighten your arm and repeat.

#2 Workout - One-handed or Alternating Pushup

muscle gain workouts

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps – Only rest when needed.

How to do a One-Handed Pushup: 

Enter standard push-up position, and pull one hand either behind your waist or across your chest.

How to do an Alternating Pushup:

Enter a standard push-up position. Bend both elbows and upon straightening them bring one hand across your chest to tap your opposite shoulder. Alternate this action with each arm.

#3 Workout - Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

2 sets of 10 lunges per leg.

How to do a Dumbbell Reverse Lunge:

Hold a dumbbell of the weight you choose in each hand. Step backward into a lunge and curl the dumbbells up into a bicep curl, simultaneously. Be sure to stop the bend in your knees at a right angle to avoid injury.

Do not do this exercise on a slick surface or risk slipping.

#4 Workout - Kettlebell Swinging Squat

Kettlebell Swinging Squat

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Kettlebell Swinging Squats:

Place feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward. Grip the handle of the kettlebell with both hands. Squat down, keeping the back straight and knees right over the toes.

When you straighten your legs, swing the kettlebell up parallel to the floor straight out in front of you. Drop the bell to rest your arms against the front of your body, and squat again. Repeat.

#5 Workout - Standing Calf Raises

Cropped view of two women standing side by side

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Standing Calf Raises: 

Stand near a surface you can hold on to in case you lose your balance. Shift your body weight onto your toes as you raise your heels off the floor, with straight knees and squeezing your buttocks. Lower, and repeat.

#6 Workout - Overhead Tricep Extensions

workout with dumbbells

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Overhead Tricep Extensions: 

Grasp a single dumbbell with both hands, either by the handle or by wrapping both hands around the “bell” at one end. Position the dumbbell overhead — this is the starting position. If you’re holding the weight by one end, the other end should hang down below your hands, not stick up above them. Keep your arms close to your head, elbows pointing forward, as you bend your arms to lower the weight behind your head. Straighten your arms, pressing the weight back overhead, to complete the repetition.

#7 Workout - Box Jumps

Box Jumps

2 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Box Jumps:

Doing a box jump is not complicated. Hop onto an appropriately sized box, whatever that is for you, hop back down, then spring back up. Repeating this motion in a series of reps will help your balance and coordination as well as building leg muscle.

As mentioned above, healthy eating and a strategic workout plan can help you gain muscle in your skinny arms and legs. However, why not build this muscle faster and more effectively by trying our a muscle gain supplement.

For a limited time, we’d like to offer a discount to those of you who made it through this blog and want to try out our Dynamism Labs No2 Supplement. Use the code “15offno2” and get your 15% OFF discount. You should have your supplements at your doorstep in only a few days. 

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10 Fundamental Eating Habits for Muscle Gain

Table of Contents

Building muscles is not what it used to be; a way to impress the girls. Instead, it is a serious sport and it can be a means of staying healthy. 

Building muscles takes a lot of exercise, which doctors say is good for overall health and for keeping weight under control. 

However, there is more to gaining muscle than the exercises. Another important part of it is what is eaten.

What to eat


If you’ve ever watched the pre-game meal of many pro football players, meat was probably the main thing on the menu. Protein is vital to both building muscle and health. However, it is important to choose protein wisely.

There are three schools of thought. One is basically the carnivore diet. Meat is central to it, with other things on the side… maybe. Even those who aren’t building muscle can ascribe to this diet. Keto is a good example. Second is to skip meat all together. There are other sources of protein, and it is friendlier to the body and to the planet to skip meat.

The school of thought that seems to work the best is all things in moderation. Choose lean cuts of meat or fatty fish and keep it to one serving a day or less. A serving is about the size of a pack of cards.

Protein drinks These are very popular. Brands like Muscle Milk come in ready to drink bottles or huge plastic jars of powder. If you wish to go this route, it is best to choose one that does not have soy in it. Soy can cause reproductive cancer and is best avoided.

Raw fruit

Why raw? It has more available nutrients than the preserved counterparts do. The only exception to this is frozen berries. They tend to have more antioxidants once frozen than they do fresh and raw. When choosing frozen berries, it is wise to read the ingredient label to avoid excess sugar.

Raw vegetables

This is partly for the same reason. There is a bit more to it. If you consider a raw carrot versus a cooked one, you can see that it will take more energy to chew the raw one. There is no zero energy food, but too many calories are not a good thing.

Whole grains

There is a trick to this one. When shopping for whole grains, read the ingredients label carefully. The package may say “whole wheat” in big letters on the front of the package. Chances are good that when you read, the first ingredient is white flour. Fourth or fifth there may be some whole wheat.

If you look for packages that say “multi-grain,” you may be closer. However, they can still trick you. Always read the labels of everything. The same holds true for pasta, oats and any other whole grain food item.


Yes, snacks are useful in this. In fact they are vital both pre and post workout. Like any other part of a diet for muscle gain, the snacks have to be chosen with care. Here is where the protein powders and/or bars can come in handy. A pre-workout snack should have some protein and something like fresh fruit or vegetables. After the workout, more protein plus carbs are a good plan.


Technically this is a drink, but hydration is extremely important, especially when trying to build muscles. For those who are sedentary, a gallon of water per day is adequate. However, building muscle means training, and training vigorously.That causes a lot of perspiration, which dehydrates quickly.

There is such a thing as too much water, but talk to a trainer about what is right for your body. In this instance, another sixteen ounces or more may be needed to make up for what is lost due to intense physical activity.

What not to eat?

Just as there are fundamental things to eat when trying to build muscle mass, there are a few to avoid. Most of these should be avoided by everyone, but in particular for those who are working hard to be extremely physically fit.

Excess sodium

There will be a need to have some sodium, as perspiration will rid the body of it. However, high sodium foods are not something to consume. This includes most chips, French fries and so on. Most of these foods are also gratuitous carbs, and would not be wise for that reason.

Energy drinks

It is so tempting; that extra boost of energy. It’s especially tempting after a long day at work and before facing an intense workout. Please, skip the energy drinks. They are more harmful than the boost they provide is worth. Afib, heart palpitations, heart attacks and strokes can lie in that direction.

High fructose corn syrup

The number of products high fructose corn syrup can be found in is astounding. Even savory foods may have some of this sugar. This is one reason that all of us should read every label of every food we want to eat or drink. Even some coffee creamers are guilty in this area.

High fat foods

Animal protein does come with some fat. However, if you look up the nutrition data on a Big Mac and large fries at McDonald’s, you’ll note that along with the protein comes two days’ worth of fat. Lean protein is much healthier and provides more available nutrients than does its high fat counterparts.

This sounds like it is difficult to employ, but in actuality it is similar to the other changes made in habits for the goal of building muscles. This is an activity that calls for a great deal of self-discipline, which will benefit those who work for it in other aspects of life.

Finally, healthy eating and a strategic workout plan can help you gain muscles. However, why not build this muscle faster and more effectively by trying out a muscle gain supplement? You may see delayed results from working out or eating well. 

One of the reasons can be low testosterone levels. But, this doesn’t have to slow you down. Learn more about Dynamism Labs testosterone boosting supplements for men

The truth behind a Beta Male personality type.

The truth Behind a Beta Male Personality Type

What being an Beta really means:

He does not want to be seen but enjoys seeing his plans fall into place. He is a master of moving around the behind-the-scenes elements and never receiving credit.

Value in comparison:

The mistake most make is considering the Beta to be weaker than the Alpha. Just as in the animal kingdom, the female is one that does the daily hunting that keeps the pride alive, the male does the monthly BIG FIGHTS to keep the pride safe, both elements are essential.

Company leadership is usually in the limelight accepting the accolades for a job well done while the team that actually executed the task quietly enjoy their bonuses. Beta’s understand that limelight can quickly become cannon smoke. They understand that it is far better to assist several kings than risk being beheaded by everyone that wants your power.

Top issues faced by Beta men that we don’t talk about:

Running multiple scenarios using live people as pawns can get very tricky. Be aware in sharp changes in direction, motive and focus as it is necessary to monitor the moods, needs and influences of key players. Is there a function that he REFUSES to attend? Is there someone that wronged him greatly and he seemed to simply “let it go” without a fight? There is a plan brewing.

How to help your Beta man improve of things you may not know he’s working on:

Information is FUEL to a Beta man. Usually, this type of man is much more interested in communication on a relationship level than an Alpha. They are interested in understanding how people think and what motivates them. If this is the case, then copious amounts of data is needed in order to create the right plan to lure them into the needed position. So the best thing you can do is Recon. Search and report back on people, places, events, deals. Anything that you think he could use in his arsenal.  

Testosterone Booster: Improve energy, libido and overall confidence.


Looking for faster results for your Beta: 

Not every man is built to stand in the limelight. Every head needs a neck to tell it where to focus its attention. If your man is a “Behind-The-Scenes” type of person, support his strength and enhance his confidence to find his own lime light with Testosterone Booster.

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.

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How to Define 20th Century Alpha Male

What being an Alpha really means:

He is accustomed to responsibility. 

He shines most when the pressure is on him to make the decision. But, he can sometimes be distant. He feels that most people cannot understand the pressure he is under.

Value in comparison:

Once a decision is made, he will do his best to accomplish it IF the priority remains at the top. With an Alpha, there are always dozens of situations in his head that he is working though. So if it seems that he is not paying attention, it could possibly mean that his brain is working on solving a problem outside of his conscious mind. It may look like he’s reading the paper and should have the capacity to listen to you, but in reality, he is skimming headlines and key words searching for a hint to a solution he is thinking about.

Top issues faced by Alpha’s that we don’t talk about:

Delegation and trust are amongst the top relationship killers for Alphas. There are so many issues in the air that he is personally responsible for that it can sometimes become difficult to talk about. If we explain what our TOP concern is to you and you do not share in the agreement of its importance then there is a level of shame or frustration now added to the mix. It’s easier if we just work on it ourselves and bear the consequence of the actions.

How to help your Alpha man improve things you may not know he’s working on:

Stop asking questions. Step in when you can. Stop asking him to stop working and focus on you and the family. Every moment that he spends working IS done for you and the family. If you would like for him to spend more time away from work, it is up you to create an atmosphere of calmness and NO stress. Provide a sanctuary where he can peacefully escape the burden of responsibility keeping a high level of productivity.

Looking for faster results for your Alpha:

AI Mode Brain Booster: Improves Focus & Long-term Mental Performance

Based on his daily responsibilities, he needs to stay sharp, no matter what mood he may be in at the time. Though he may not mention it, there is an incredible stress to remember key details and individual scenarios at play. AI Mode Brain Booster is designed to enhance immediate sharpness while maintaining long-term concentration for hours.

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.


The Beta+Plus Man – Perfectly Combining Brain and Skill

What being a Beta+Plus really means:

He is quiet in his own regard but never afraid to stand up for the little guy.

He hates bullies, however, can become one very quickly if the circumstances are aligned (Smaller crowd, less chance of embarrassment).

Value in comparison:

Great person to have on your side in a leadership position. Most Beta Plus leaders hate being in charge. They do not wave their intelligent, experience, or money in the face of others with less, but will still enjoy an expensive meal and/or drink because they like it personally. They do what they love for themselves and protect the ones they love with vicious disregard for anything else.

Top issues faced by Beta Plus men that we don’t talk about:

Rather discuss tactics than emotions. There are a lot of reasons that we do what we do. Revenge is rarely the case with this type of man. It is more likely that they would interact in order to prevent an injustice from happening again than to avenge someone wronged. Beta Plus men are interested in moving past an annoying situation and getting back to a happy peaceful state of mind. We’d rather know what you are going to do about it than how you feel about it.

How to help your Beta Plus man improve things you may not know he’s working on:

Provide a place to think and identify elements that stimulate his personal interests. Books, education (potentially boring videos), conferences, and other scenarios where people excel without needing a team. Find places or events that you can both have fun that do not require a lot of talking or interacting with others in a co-dependent environment.

Looking for faster results for your Alpha:

NO2 Extreme: Enhanced energy for workouts & after work-duties.

When home and work tasks become routine, there is usually a significant drop in energy levels. The excitement from new ideas, opportunities, and growth potential is what drives us. When this energy is low or dropping the opportunity for relationship disaster grows. NO2 puts back that creative fire to consider new and innovate ways to handle the most mundane tasks. 

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.

Alpha Plus Male Type

The Most Sought After Personality Type, Alpha Plus

Looking great while accomplishing high-level tasks is very important.​

This can be from a physical standpoint (awesome suit) to being recognized company wide or in press for their achievement. In either situation, the visuals of his success NEED to be recognized.

Value in comparison:

He is cocky because he is good. Like REALLY good. He accepts the accolades for work he has accomplished but it may have been a little while since his last win and he is itching for another trophy. He carries himself as if always ready for an interview and can list what he is most proud of in his life.

Top issues faced by an Alpha-Plus that we don’t talk about:

Regret & Depression: You can’t start yelling after you win, that’s only ½ the fun. The REAL fun comes in from “trash-talking” co-workers, bosses, competition, and anyone else that will listen far before the competition even gets underway. This especially hurts when we DON’T win.

We may play the humble role or pretend to be good sports, but in all honesty, we are hurting! There may be no consolidation for this moment but the next few days are crucial.

We’ve heard the sales rhetoric, “Don’t get caught in the quicksand.” What this term actually means is that once you lose a sale, competition, or ANY opportunity, we immediately fall into a mini-depression. If we do not claw our way out quickly there is a good chance it can have much longer resonating damage than originally anticipated.

Quick to disregard the next appointment, closing files that were “on-the-fence” are all ways we are trying to protect ourselves from further heartache.

Way’s top help your Alpha Plus get over a loss.

Support him. Remind him of his recent successes. Review the process (after some time has passed) and try to identify where it went wrong. Sometimes, there is nothing that he could have done better and now is when he needs to know that. Explaining that under the exact same scenario, he would have closed a dozen other deals with no problem. This one was just not meant to be.

Looking for faster results for your Alpha + Beta Tendencies:

Lean: Advanced fat burner and metabolic booster.

Keep his mind from wandering to his physique by making sure he starts off every day with a super charged metabolism. Watch the pounds melt way as his FitBit Step counter tops 10k. We’ve improved the formula to offer fat burners that work with your normal body chemistry to turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.

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