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How to Define 20th Century Alpha Male

What being an Alpha really means:

He is accustomed to responsibility. 

He shines most when the pressure is on him to make the decision. But, he can sometimes be distant. He feels that most people cannot understand the pressure he is under.

Value in comparison:

Once a decision is made, he will do his best to accomplish it IF the priority remains at the top. With an Alpha, there are always dozens of situations in his head that he is working though. So if it seems that he is not paying attention, it could possibly mean that his brain is working on solving a problem outside of his conscious mind. It may look like he’s reading the paper and should have the capacity to listen to you, but in reality, he is skimming headlines and key words searching for a hint to a solution he is thinking about.

Top issues faced by Alpha’s that we don’t talk about:

Delegation and trust are amongst the top relationship killers for Alphas. There are so many issues in the air that he is personally responsible for that it can sometimes become difficult to talk about. If we explain what our TOP concern is to you and you do not share in the agreement of its importance then there is a level of shame or frustration now added to the mix. It’s easier if we just work on it ourselves and bear the consequence of the actions.

How to help your Alpha man improve things you may not know he’s working on:

Stop asking questions. Step in when you can. Stop asking him to stop working and focus on you and the family. Every moment that he spends working IS done for you and the family. If you would like for him to spend more time away from work, it is up you to create an atmosphere of calmness and NO stress. Provide a sanctuary where he can peacefully escape the burden of responsibility keeping a high level of productivity.

Looking for faster results for your Alpha:

AI Mode Brain Booster: Improves Focus & Long-term Mental Performance

Based on his daily responsibilities, he needs to stay sharp, no matter what mood he may be in at the time. Though he may not mention it, there is an incredible stress to remember key details and individual scenarios at play. AI Mode Brain Booster is designed to enhance immediate sharpness while maintaining long-term concentration for hours.

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.