Foods and Supplements That Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Foods and Supplements That Boost Your Testosterone Levels

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As you may already know, testosterone is a sex hormone but it affects much more than sex. The amount of testosterone in men will have a direct impact on increased libido, weight loss, muscle mass and their sexual performance. Apart from these, testosterone levels also affect things like sperm production, hair growth, and the health of bone and muscle. So it’s only natural that an imbalance in testosterone levels is going to have some side effects on the human body.

Some of the signs that your testosterone is low are:

  • Changes in your sleep pattern
  • Physical changes like fat gain and muscle loss
  • Sexual changes like a lower libido, or infertility
  • Emotional changes like depression or anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Hair Loss
  • Mood Changes<
  • Poor Memory

If you think that you may be feeling the effects of low testosterone levels, don’t be hopeless.  They are likely not permanent. You can boost your testosterone levels naturally just by adding certain foods and supplements to your diet.

We discuss a few of those foods in this blog.


Tuna is rich in vitamin D, which helps promote a longer life and boosts production of testosterone. It’s a heart-healthy, protein-rich food that’s low in calories. Moderation is important, don’t eat too much seafood because too much mercury isn’t a good thing.

Egg Yolks

If you don’t have preexisting cholesterol issues, eating one egg per day is a safe and nutritional way to increase testosterone levels. The vitamin D found in egg yolks is thought to have a positive effect on low testosterone.


Zinc is an important nutrient during puberty, and its positive effects can potentially keep male hormones in check through adulthood. Men who have low testosterone can possibly benefit from increasing their zinc intake if they also have zinc deficiencies.

Oysters are great sources of zinc!

Beef & Red Meats

Some cuts of red meat do have a lot of fat, so you need to be picky when you’re choosing what part of the beef you choose to eat. Eating the lean and lower fat cuts can be beneficial to increasing testosterone because it’s a good source of vitamin D.


Beans are loaded up with zinc, vitamin D and other valuable nutrients. Beans are very beneficial to men’s health, so if you’re trying to boost your testosterone levels, incorporate them into your diet.

Another natural way to have increased testosterone levels is to get plenty of restful sleep. This means staying on a good sleep schedule and trying to get a full eight hours every night. Exercising to maintain your cardiovascular health and taking high quality testosterone boosters supplements will all help in raising those levels naturally.