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Top 10 Beard Growing Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

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There is nothing more masculine than having a glorious beard. It looks cool, boosts confidence, and proclaims your identity, just like a smile. A healthy beard is a fountain of youth that protects your facial skin from UV rays and keeps it moist, wrinkle-free, and youthful for longer. While the benefits of growing a healthy beard are undeniable, it requires commitment. 

Beard-growing is one of those things that seems simple and straightforward until you try it, then you’ll realize it is more than just letting it grow. You need to commit to a proper facial hair care routine and avoid beard-growing mistakes.The most common beard-growing mistakes are just bad beard habits and are avoidable. 

bad beard habits to avoid

The perfect beard should meet specific qualities in terms of length, liveliness, and thickness, which are influenced by other factors. For instance, the thickness of your beard is influenced by the color, density, and diameter of hair strands. 

You won’t attain the perfect thickness if a single mistake affects either the diameter of hair strands, color, or density. So, you have to avoid common beard-growing mistakes for your beard to strike the perfect balance and grow thicker and fuller. 

Common beard-growing mistakes should never hold you back from having a thicker beard. To help you grow a thicker and fuller beard, here are the top 10 beard-growing mistakes and how to avoid them:

Washing Your Beard Daily

While keeping a clean beard is highly recommended, overwashing can affect its thickness, length, and shine. Every time you wash your beard, nutrients and essential oils are washed away. The more you wash, the more you’ll lose.
Washing Your Beard Daily

Without nutrients and oils, hair follicles will start drying out and uproot, leading to bald spots and thinning. You only need to wash your beard 2-3x a week to keep your beard healthy. 

If you’ve been over-washing your beard and experiencing some thinning or bald spots, beard growth supplements can help rejuvenate and regrow your beard thicker and quicker.

Being Impatient with Your Beard

Growing a luscious beard is not something you can do overnight or in a couple of weeks. It requires a lot of patience. One common beard-growing mistake is comparing how your beard is growing to others. 

If your beard grows slower, trying to catch up to a friend with super-fast growth can lead to poor choices and mistakes. Beard-growing is a life-long journey with several phases. First, you have to wait a few weeks to attain a stubble then overcome the itchy beard phase

itchy beard stage
Please don’t try to style up your beard too early if it doesn’t cover your face fully. Give it time and space to grow, and it will deliver what you desire. If your beard is growing unnaturally slow, you can use beard growth supplementsto promote rapid growth.

Overdoing Beard Care Routine

One of the most common beards growing mistakes is overdoing facial hair care routine. Whether it is trimming or combing, overdoing any beard care routine can sabotage your efforts. 

For instance, combing is strenuous to beard hairs and follicles. If you comb or brush your beard every minute, the strain of pulling and tugging can lead to splitting and uprooting.

best beard care routine
Schedule thorough combing only after you wash your beard and straighten it with light brushing before starting your day. Walking around with a beard comb is a bad habit that can encourage over combing.

Forgetting to Supplement

Even though a well-balanced diet contains vitamins, biotin, zinc, magnesium, and other essentials, the digestive system does not absorb 100% of the nutrients in your meal. Yet, all these nutrients and minerals play crucial roles in growing a healthy beard. To grow your beard thicker, you need beard growth supplements. 

But do beard growth supplements work?The best beard growth supplement contains the minerals mentioned above and unique vitamins like biotin that are scientifically proven to stimulate thicker and fuller beard growth. If you don’t get the essential nutrients and minerals from your diet, a beard growth supplement offers the perfect opportunity to attain the beard of your dreams.

Using Women’s Hair Products

When you’re desperate to grow your beard thicker, it is easy to believe in misconceptions. The fact that most women have long shiny hair doesn’t necessarily mean that women’s hair products can boost your beard’s thickness or length.
beard care and maintenance
Using women’s hair products on your beard is a big mistake. These products are designed to work on women’s scalp and hair, which are completely different compared to your facial skin and beard hair. It can do more damage than good.

Letting Your Beard Run Wild

Different parts of your beard grow at different rates, which can look unbalanced if it is untrimmed for long periods. The fact that your beard proclaims your identity underscores the importance of trimming it once in a while. Trimming your beard down with the same setting will improve your look and reduce patchiness by allowing the areas that are growing slower to catch up.

beard growing tips
It will also protect tender facial skin underneath the beard by promoting free circulation of air and discourage colonization of bacteria and germs. In the early stages, use a clipper with a guard length and trim using the same setting all the way around. Don’t try to shape your stubble until you attain a fuller beard.

Foregoing Beard Moisturizer

After washing your beard, you can apply beard moisturizers to replenish the oils and nutrients that have been washed away. Only use natural moisturizers that contain essential oils and nutrients from plants and other natural ingredients. 

Natural moisturizer products can nourish your facial skin and support a thicker and healthier beard. Moisturizing the skin underneath your beard after washing can also eliminate beardruff and beard itch.

You can also use beard growth supplements with vitamins to enhance the effectiveness of the moisturizer. Foregoing the moisturizer is a common beard-growing mistake to avoid.

Letting Your Beard Go Thirsty

Beard-growing goes beyond the beard. You have to meet the recommended daily water intake to moisturize your skin and soften your beard. 

Staying hydrated will also reduce dandruff and itchy skin. Beard growth vitamins can promote healthy skin and softer beard hair.

Neglecting Proper Facial Skincare

To increase your harvest, you have to manage the soil on your farm more effectively. This basic principle applies to both crop-growers and beard-growers. 

Neglecting proper facial skincare is a rookie mistake that can make it harder for you to attain a thicker and lush beard. Healthy skin is the foundation of a healthy beard. 

Cleaning your face regularly will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, which reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. It’s like weeding the farm, which usually leads to thicker, healthier growth.

Destructive Beard Care Routines

Curling, dying, and blow-drying your beard can have destructive effects. Products used to curl, and dye hair contains harsh chemicals that can do more damage than good to your beard. 

Blow drying is great for styling your beard if done correctly. But, exposing your beard to the heat from a blow-dry for long periods can lead to heat damage or burn the tender facial skin underneath.

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