The Beta+Plus Man – Perfectly Combining Brain and Skill

What being a Beta+Plus really means:

He is quiet in his own regard but never afraid to stand up for the little guy.

He hates bullies, however, can become one very quickly if the circumstances are aligned (Smaller crowd, less chance of embarrassment).

Value in comparison:

Great person to have on your side in a leadership position. Most Beta Plus leaders hate being in charge. They do not wave their intelligent, experience, or money in the face of others with less, but will still enjoy an expensive meal and/or drink because they like it personally. They do what they love for themselves and protect the ones they love with vicious disregard for anything else.

Top issues faced by Beta Plus men that we don’t talk about:

Rather discuss tactics than emotions. There are a lot of reasons that we do what we do. Revenge is rarely the case with this type of man. It is more likely that they would interact in order to prevent an injustice from happening again than to avenge someone wronged. Beta Plus men are interested in moving past an annoying situation and getting back to a happy peaceful state of mind. We’d rather know what you are going to do about it than how you feel about it.

How to help your Beta Plus man improve things you may not know he’s working on:

Provide a place to think and identify elements that stimulate his personal interests. Books, education (potentially boring videos), conferences, and other scenarios where people excel without needing a team. Find places or events that you can both have fun that do not require a lot of talking or interacting with others in a co-dependent environment.

Looking for faster results for your Alpha:

NO2 Extreme: Enhanced energy for workouts & after work-duties.

When home and work tasks become routine, there is usually a significant drop in energy levels. The excitement from new ideas, opportunities, and growth potential is what drives us. When this energy is low or dropping the opportunity for relationship disaster grows. NO2 puts back that creative fire to consider new and innovate ways to handle the most mundane tasks. 

Caution: Understand that NO man looks forward to getting medical advice from his love interest unless they are in the medical field. There is a machismo that interrupts our understanding of how much you care for us until we catch the flu and melt into a useless pile of sweaty pajamas begging for soup and meds.