Muscle Gain Workouts for Skinny Arms and Legs

Muscle Gain Workouts for Skinny Arms and Legs

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Building muscle can be a bit more of a challenge when you’re naturally a lean or skinny person. If you want to see significant changes in your muscle mass then you will need to set new habits for muscle gain. Stick to these habits with consistency and rigor and you might just start to see the results you want!

Eating more, eating more often, and working out are key steps to gaining muscle when you’re a skinny person. 

The next important thing to remember is that you need to be doing the correct kind of muscle gain workouts if you have skinny arms and legs. If you exercise and workout, and still are struggling to see the muscle gains you would like, consider adding a muscle gain supplement to your health regimen.

Not every workout is created equal. Each style of working out and different exercises all serve different purposes with the body. 

There are cardio workouts, fat-burning workouts, and muscle-building workouts. We will focus on the muscle gaining workouts in this blog because we want to learn how to benefit those of us with skinny arms and legs.

Important Reminder: you should always consult with your primary physician before starting a new fitness or nutritional program to avoid harming yourself.

Disclaimer: Always wear appropriate clothing, shoes and use appropriate equipment to avoid injury during a workout.

#1 Workout - Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

3 sets of 10 reps per arm. Hold a 2-second pause at the top of each rep.

How to do a single arm row:

Bend at the waist to create a tabletop with your back, leaving a slight bend in your knees. Let your arms hang straight down to the floor, with your dumbbell in one hand.

Pull the weight straight up towards your body, keeping the elbow in close to your torso, until your elbow is bent to a right angle. Straighten your arm and repeat.

#2 Workout - One-handed or Alternating Pushup

muscle gain workouts

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps – Only rest when needed.

How to do a One-Handed Pushup: 

Enter standard push-up position, and pull one hand either behind your waist or across your chest.

How to do an Alternating Pushup:

Enter a standard push-up position. Bend both elbows and upon straightening them bring one hand across your chest to tap your opposite shoulder. Alternate this action with each arm.

#3 Workout - Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

2 sets of 10 lunges per leg.

How to do a Dumbbell Reverse Lunge:

Hold a dumbbell of the weight you choose in each hand. Step backward into a lunge and curl the dumbbells up into a bicep curl, simultaneously. Be sure to stop the bend in your knees at a right angle to avoid injury.

Do not do this exercise on a slick surface or risk slipping.

#4 Workout - Kettlebell Swinging Squat

Kettlebell Swinging Squat

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Kettlebell Swinging Squats:

Place feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward. Grip the handle of the kettlebell with both hands. Squat down, keeping the back straight and knees right over the toes.

When you straighten your legs, swing the kettlebell up parallel to the floor straight out in front of you. Drop the bell to rest your arms against the front of your body, and squat again. Repeat.

#5 Workout - Standing Calf Raises

Cropped view of two women standing side by side

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Standing Calf Raises: 

Stand near a surface you can hold on to in case you lose your balance. Shift your body weight onto your toes as you raise your heels off the floor, with straight knees and squeezing your buttocks. Lower, and repeat.

#6 Workout - Overhead Tricep Extensions

workout with dumbbells

3 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Overhead Tricep Extensions: 

Grasp a single dumbbell with both hands, either by the handle or by wrapping both hands around the “bell” at one end. Position the dumbbell overhead — this is the starting position. If you’re holding the weight by one end, the other end should hang down below your hands, not stick up above them. Keep your arms close to your head, elbows pointing forward, as you bend your arms to lower the weight behind your head. Straighten your arms, pressing the weight back overhead, to complete the repetition.

#7 Workout - Box Jumps

Box Jumps

2 sets of 10 reps.

How to do Box Jumps:

Doing a box jump is not complicated. Hop onto an appropriately sized box, whatever that is for you, hop back down, then spring back up. Repeating this motion in a series of reps will help your balance and coordination as well as building leg muscle.

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