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10 Bad Beard Habits You Should Quit Right Now

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Maintaining a full, glorious beard serves a higher purpose than just looking cooler. Your majestic mane proclaims your identity. It is a natural filter that protects your skin from UV rays, bacterial infections, and skin-related issues like acne. Like a fountain of youth, your beard keeps your skin moist, wrinkle-free, and youthful. A lush, full-grown beard can also build your confidence!

Nothing should ever come between you and your beard. Especially not bad beard habits. When it comes to beard care, too much of anything can be a bad habit; avoid these bad habits to protect your facial fountain of youth!

Here are 10 bad beard habits you should quit right now:

Picking on your beard

When you’re idle, frustrated, or anxious, your hand can unconsciously wander and start picking at your beard. This is a reflex action as you seek to channel the emotions elsewhere or kill time. We’ve all engaged in this bad beard habit.

Picking on Your Beard

Tugging, pulling, and picking on your beard can damage individual hairs and weaken the follicles. If you don’t quit this habit, beard hairs will start falling off leading patchiness and bald spots. 

Avoid the unsightly patchy spots by keeping those hands off the beard, but if it’s already too late, you can rejuvenate beard regrowth over the spots quickly with the best beard growth supplements. To quit picking at your beard, channel your emotions and idleness elsewhere and away from your beard, try a stress ball or fidget spinner!

Using hair products on your beard

While your beard hairs and the hair on your scalp are similar, your facial skin and scalp are not the same. Facial skin is delicate and sensitive to hair products that are specifically formulated for your scalp. 

Hair shampoo is specifically designed to work on the scalp without causing damage but it’s not ideal for facial skin for a variety of reasons.

Washing Your Beard Daily

You can’t use skin lighteners, perfumes, or other products loaded with chemicals on the skin of a newborn, right? It can damage their tender skin, cause rashes, or worse. Compared to the scalp, your facial skin is just like a newborn’s tender skin. 

To protect your glorious beard, quit using toxic hair products on your beard. Instead, you can use natural beard shampoo and take beard growth vitamins to nourish and protect the health of your beard.

Over-washing your beard

While keeping your beard neat and clean is highly recommended, washing over and over again is a bad habit. Over washing your beard washes away healthy, essential oils and nutrients from your facial skin. 

Plants won’t grow well in heavily without the right soil, right? Without natural oils and nutrients, your beard and follicles can dry out and weaken, leading to hair loss.

Over Washing Your Beard

If you already have bald spots, you can use popular beard growth supplements to regrow your beard hairs and fill the spots in quickly. Wash your beard 2-3x a week, but never over wash. Don’t forget beard growth vitamins to replace the nutrients you’ve just washed away.

Plucking out beard hairs

Aging gracefully is noble and requires you to embrace all that comes with it. Those grey hairs on your beard demand a certain level of respect. It shows that you’re confident and more than satisfied with your accomplishments in life.

Plucking them out can weaken and damage the follicles. It increases the risk of ingrown beard hair, and you’ll still have to pluck even more the next morning. Plucking the greys can do more harm than good. Ditch the tweezers and embrace your grey beard hairs and all that come with them!

Forgetting to supplement

Your beard requires more than the bare minimum nutrition supplied by the body. This is where beard supplements come in handy. The best beard growth supplements will help you deliver all the vitamins and nutrients to nourish and grow your beard. 

Natural beard growth vitamins can support a healthy beard. It also softens, smoothens, and moisturizes the skin underneath. Your beard needs love and attention. 

You can love and tend to your beard with the best beard growth vitamins. Don’t forget about supplements for beard growth!

Combing your beard with a hair brush

The scalp has a smoother contour compared to the sharp angles and edges on your chin. Hair combs or brushes have bristles of the same length. They are designed to work perfectly on your girlfriend’s hair but not your beard. Only one or two bristles will reach the bottom of your lush beard and leave a large portion still tangled up.

Combing Your Beard with a Hair Brush

Untangling all your beard is extremely important. It ensures even distribution of oils and cleans dead skin cells, dirt, and dust. An untangled beard is perfectly ventilated deep down to the skin. To attain all of these benefits, you have to invest in a beard brush. Man up and quit using your girlfriend’s hair brush on your beard!

Poor beard trimming routine

There has to be a boundary where your beard ends and chest hair starts, right? A perfectly trimmed neckline shows your commitment to grooming. But how do you trim your beard? It has to outline the edge of your beard perfectly. 

Trimming your beard is easy, but your neckline can be tricky. For starters, don’t practice using a straight razor for the first time on your neck if you value your life.

Poor Beard Trimming Routine
Don’t scrape off your neck completely to avoid breaking your beard. It’s important to invest in a trimmer and use the two-finger rule with your neckline ending at the top of your index finger. Poor or lack of beard trimming can both be bad beard habits. Ditch them!

Foregoing beard moisturizer

Natural beard moisturizers contain essential oils and other natural ingredients that nourish your skin to support a healthy, full-grown beard. These products can replenish the oils and nutrients that are stripped away when you wash your beard. Beard moisturisers contain oils and ingredients that can soften your facial hair and eliminate beard itch and beardruff (AKA beard dandruff).

You can supplement with the best beard growth vitamins to enhance the effectiveness of your beard moisturizer. Supplements for beard growth from Dynamism Labs supply the nutrients and vitamins for a majestic and lush beard. Foregoing moisturizer can be a bad beard habit. Make the change!

Over-brushing your beard

When it comes to beard care, overdoing anything can be a bad habit. This includes beard brushing. Just like plucking and picking on your beard, overuse of a beard brush pulls and tugs on individual beard hairs. This is strenuous to beard hairs and follicles. It can lead to splitting and uprooting, but you can strengthen your beard by taking the best beard growth vitamins.
best beard care routine

Brushing your beard is highly recommended, but over-brushing will do more harm than good. Walking around with a beard brush in the pocket can encourage over-brushing. Keep the beard brush out of your pocket and use it sparingly to keep your beard healthy!

Poor blow drying strategy

Blow drying is a double-edged sword. It is great for styling your beard if done correctly. But, it can also damage your beard if you use poor blow-drying strategies. Heat damage is the main concern with blow dryers. A few minutes more than required can fry or even burn your beard badly. Luckily, if you do burn your beard, you can use the best supplements for beard growth to restore your beard. Poor blow-drying strategies increase the risks of heat damage, go easy on the blowdryer!

Bottom Line

Regardless of your bad beard habits, you can quit them and protect your fountain of youth. Be conscious of replacing your current bad habits with even worse habits. If you pull on your beard and try to resolve it by over-brushing, you can worsen the problem rather than resolving it. If quitting right now is a problem for you, focus on improving week by week, and you’ll crush that bad beard habit before you know it!

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