Effects Of Testosterone On Brain Behavioral Functions

Effects Of Testosterone On Brain Behavioral Functions

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Testosterone is infamous for being a sex hormone, but it also influences brain behavioral functions. It is responsible for the development of behavioral functions, which occur during the transition from boyhood to manhood. Testosterone is also responsible for the maintenance of brain behavioral functions.

How testosterone catalyzes development of behavioral functions

When a boy hits puberty, the hypothalamus in the brain alerts the pituitary gland. This gland conveys the message to the testicles to start producing testosterone. Other glands, like the adrenal, also help in the production of testosterone, but most come from the testicles. T-levels begin to rise rapidly and the transition from boyhood to adolescence commences!

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The rising T-levels catalyze behavioral changes like rebellion, aggression, territorialism, independence, secrecy, and so on. Peak testosterone levels catalyze the development of complex behavioral traits defined as male attributes. In a man’s 20s, behavioral changes decrease as testosterone levels flatten gradually. By the age of 30, young men are more focused on important issues like economic independence as opposed to their level of testosterone. Both physical and behavioral changes affected by testosterone enable the transition from boyhood to manhood.

The effects of testosterone on cognition and mental processes

Testosterone influences brain behavioral functions related to cognitive performance and mental processes. The most common effects relate to anxiety, spatial memory, depression, personality, “senior moments”, verbal fluency, aggressiveness, and decision-making.


Anxiety is the most sensitive behavioral trait. It is not only sensitive to testosterone but also very important for decision-making and response to stress. A 2014 study linked high testosterone levels to lower anxiety in both men and women. The findings indicated that women have higher anxiety levels but lower T-levels. On the other hand, men have lower anxiety due to higher T-levels.

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Lower anxiety allows you to make decisions rationally based on facts and react more appropriately in a stressful situation. As a testosterone-laden man, it is less likely that you will jump in front of oncoming traffic just to escape a mouse on the sidewalk.

Verbal vs. spatial memory

In the battle of sexes, women take the trophy for verbal memory and men have an upper-hand in visual-spatial memory. In women, testosterone has a positive effect on verbal memory. Men with high T-levels have higher spatial memory.

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Men’s spatial memory starts to decline in their 30s once testosterone begins to fall. This is why middle-aged men never ask for directions. Why ask when you know you can’t follow verbal directions? But, you can maintain spatial memory by boosting your testosterone levels. All you need is a test booster that works.


Depression is another one of the brain behavioral functions influenced by testosterone. A recent study analyzed the prevalence of depression in both men and women across different ages. It found a higher prevalence in women when compared to men and prevalence among men increased with age.

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The study confirmed that the prevalence of depression increased among older men as T-levels declined. Testosterone boosters for men offer the perfect solution to boost your T-levels and reduce the risk of depression.

Senior moments

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind when assessing senior moments. Studies have linked higher testosterone levels to the preservation of brain tissue. As we age past 30, T-levels fall leading to accelerated aging of the brain and the decline in mental functions. Memory is fragile and is usually the first mental function to decline. You can rejuvenate an aging brain using the best brain booster supplements.

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The decline in functions like information processing can lead to cognitive impairment or dementia. One study found that older men with higher T-levels perform better on cognitive tests. So, memory lapses and senior moments can also be addressed using test boosters that work.


We are all not the same, right? Some men are more competitive, emotional, or confident than others. Behavioral differences in men are attributed to T-levels. Higher testosterone levels are associated with aggressive competitiveness. Some men are too competitive because they have more than enough testosterone while others have very low T-levels and are less competitive.

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Extremely low T-levels can lead to hypogonadism, which is highlighted by a lack of competitiveness, drive, and morale to achieve. You can rely on a testosterone booster for men to increase your T-levels and boost your drive.

Speech and verbal fluency

Have you ever wondered why men are not as chatty as women? A study conducted during sex reassignment using testosterone therapy highlighted why men are not chatty. MRI brain scans revealed a decrease in the volume of grey matter in the Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas of the brain of female-to-male subjects after testosterone therapy.

The two areas affected by testosterone are associated with speech and verbal fluency and decreased language processing abilities. This explains why testosterone-laden men cannot chat for hours. Brain booster supplements can help you enhance brain functions related to language processing.


Testosterone influences brain behavioral functions related to ambition. As women age, estrogen levels drop while testosterone levels increase slightly. The increase in T-levels affects the brain leading to behavioral changes that bolster assertiveness and aggressiveness.

The changes increase women’s interest in power and play a bigger role in society. Older women are renowned for being the best leaders the world over and steadfast matriarchs. The slight increase in T-levels creates the perfect estrogen-testosterone balance.

Confident risk-taker

Another study linked testosterone to intuitive decision-making. It found that testosterone-laden men are more confident in their decision-making but also take more risks. Risk-taking can be beneficial in specific situations and also dangerous in others. If you wish to take more risks in life confidently, you can rely on a testosterone booster for men to boost your T-levels.

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