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What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone and What Can You Do About It?

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Testosterone is an important hormone, and if your bodily levels are too low, it can negatively impact you in several ways. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use—including a real testosterone booster—to restore your testosterone levels back to normal.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone present in both sexes, but is more commonly associated with males.

Testosterone plays a role in the development of male reproductive tissues, like the prostate and testes, as well as the development of secondary sex characteristics, like increased body mass and the growth of facial and body hair. 

It is also associated with athletic performance, muscle mass, sperm production, and sexual arousal.

Like with all hormones, testosterone plays a complex role in the human body, and in multiple different areas.

Signs of Low Testosterone

There are several reasons why a person’s testosterone levels may fall. In most men, testosterone levels decline with age. Additionally, a man may suffer from hypogonadism, which is a condition that reduces the amount of testosterone the gonads can produce. 

Signs of low testosterone in men include:

  • Erectile difficulties and loss of interest in sex.Low T-levels are often associated with a loss of interest in sex, low libido levels, or erectile difficulties. If you find your sex drive seriously diminished, or if it’s difficult to get or maintain an erection, low testosterone could be the culprit.
  • Hair loss.Testosterone is also linked to hair loss; if you begin to lose your hair at a premature age (i.e., before 30), it’s possible that it’s attributable to low T-levels. Note that not all hair loss is a direct result of low testosterone.
  • Lower bone and muscle mass.This hormone also plays a serious role in building and maintaining your bone density and muscle mass. Bone density isn’t typically something you can sense on your own, but over time, you may feel weaker and easier fatigued. You may notice a decline in muscle mass, and conversely, an increase in body fat. This is especially a cause for concern if you’ve continued an exercise regimen but have still noticed an increase in fat and decrease in muscle.
  • Smaller testicles.Low testosterone is sometimes associated with a reduction in testicle size. If you notice a change in shape or volume, this could be why.
  • Insomnia.Hormones interact in complex ways that can affect how you feel and how your body works—including how you sleep. If your T-levels are too low, you may experience difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Less energy.Because testosterone is often associated with high energy and aggressiveness, a decline of this hormone could lead to lower energy. If you feel lethargic on a regular basis, or if it’s hard to get motivated to do anything, low T-levels could be the cause.
  • Hot flashes.Hot flashes aren’t exclusively limited to women. If your testosterone levels are low, you may experience them on a regular basis.During a hot flash, you’ll feel a sudden and intense warmth, usually over the face, neck, and chest, and you may experience increased sweating. These may occur spontaneously or in response to a triggering event, like a stressful situation.
  • Irritability or mood fluctuations.Testosterone levels also play a role in regulating your mood. If you experience frequent mood swings, suddenly feeling a burst of joy, sadness, or anger, it could be because of low T-levels. The same is true if you experience atypical periods of irritability.
Obviously, many of these signs and symptoms are natural byproducts of growing older, and may not be a direct result of low testosterone levels. However, if you experience many of these symptoms, you may be interested in supporting higher testosterone production in your own body.

How to Boost Testosterone

So how can you boost testosterone levels?

For starters, you can try using a real testosterone booster from Dynamism Labs. With natural ingredients and vegetable-based capsules, these testosterone boosting supplements can increase the production of testosterone levels in your body. Higher T-levels can lead you to a healthier heart and circulatory system, stronger bones, more muscle mass, higher cognitive capacity, higher libido, and even a better mood. 

You can also improve your testosterone levels by changing some of your daily habits. For example, you can spend more time exercising and lifting weights, which will raise your T-levels naturally. This will also help you cultivate higher bone density and muscle mass, counteracting some of the side effects of low T-levels directly. Similarly, you can adjust your diet to include more lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates—with fewer junk foods.

 Low testosterone can also be a byproduct of higher stress, and therefore higher cortisol levels. There are a variety of strategies that can help you reduce the impact of stress in your life, including minimizing stressful activities, taking more time off from work, exercising, practicing mindfulness meditation, and cultivating a balanced lifestyle—with plenty of time for friends and loved ones. 

Finally, it’s important to engage in healthy sleep patterns. Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night can help you reduce stress, perform better when exercising, and promote a balanced production of hormones in your body. You may have to make some sacrifices and focus harder on your sleep routine to achieve this, but it’s worth it—especially because restful sleep comes with a host of other health benefits.

When to See a Doctor

If you’re suffering from low testosterone levels and you’ve tried some of the natural remedies listed above to no avail, it may be in your best interest to see a doctor. 

This is also true if you notice other, more troubling symptoms, like chronic pain, or abnormal markings or developments in your body. 

Testosterone booster products and lifestyle changes can often return the hormones in your body to a healthy balance, but for serious situations, medical attention is typically warranted.

TRT for Men Over 40 Risks Vs Benefits

TRT for Men Over 40: Risks Vs. Benefits

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Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones in a man’s body.It is responsible for improving bone density, muscle strength, bone strength, libido, and sexual function.

As a man ages, their testosterone production reduces.Furthermore, testosterone levels in men have been on a decline over the decades due to several factors.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that testosterone levels in men of the same age group have been declining at a rate of 1 percent each year since the 1980s.

In other words, the average 55-year-old man in 1985 had 20 percent more testosterone than the average 55-year-old man in 2005.

This is partly why Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has been all the buzz over the last decade.

So, let’s find out more.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a medical procedure used to restore low levels of testosterone in men.

It is an FDA-approved method recommended for men who have low testosterone as a result of a prevailing medical condition.

A good example of such a condition is Late-Onset Hypogonadism (LOH) – a decrease in serum testosterone.

Symptoms of LOH include lowered libido, declining muscle mass and bone density, increasing body fat, and low mood.

TRT aims to restore optimal testosterone levels.

It can be administered in various ways including, through the muscles, nasal cavity, or transdermal application.

Supplementation through testosterone boosters for men is a good alternative to TRT.

How to Tell If You Have Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone
Source: miskawaanhealth

Testosterone levels are affected by many factors including, fitness level, medications, diet, and changing day times.

However, low testosterone is not a “feeling”.

You can only tell by seeing a licensed medical practitioner and having them perform a testosterone level test.

Most state laws require the test to be performed before administering TRT.

Just like all medical procedures, TRT has its pros and cons.

Nonetheless, there is a significant overlap in benefits for both TRT and testosterone boosters.

Benefits of TRT

Good T booster supplement ingredients

Muscle Mass Increase

Tests done on men with LOH highlighted a growing risk of compromised mobility.

Clinical studies where men with LOH were administered TRT presented positive results regarding reversing drastic effects caused by reduced muscle mass and strength.

More specifically, TRT has been found to boost lipid oxidation, which in turn catalyzes muscle growth, and in the process, promotes a lean body physique.

It is attributed to improving the quality of life for patients whose mobility has been affected by a lack of sufficient muscle strength.

Improves Cardiac Health

In a 2013 study published by Touch Endocrinology, more than 3,500 men were observed in 17 years.

It was found that men with low levels of testosterone are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease that could turn out fatal than those with normal levels.

Optimal levels of testosterone have also been found to promote high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, good systolic blood pressure, and low levels of insulin.

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is one way to promote cardiovascular health.

Promotes Good Mood

Studies have linked several mood disorders to low levels of testosterone.

In older men, where treatment-resistance mood disorders are prevalent such as depression, there seems to also be a direct link to low testosterone.

While analyzing symptom scores for depression and anxiety, one study reported a significantly high amount of symptom scores in older men with low testosterone levels.

TRT is hailed by many renowned medical practitioners as a solution to counteracting mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Risks of TRT

Risks of TRT

Dermatological Issues

Where TRT is involved, dermatological issues have been found, in some cases, to present in two ways.

First, serum testosterone has been linked to an increase in sebum secretion; a key catalyst of acne.

However, experts note that this doesn’t often happen, and when it does, it is usually mild.

Second, topical applications, as well as intramuscular administration of TRT, may cause skin reactions especially to men with sensitive skins.

These reactions may manifest as erythema or pruritus.

Potential Effect on Prostate Health

Given that the prostate is essentially a gland that relies heavily on androgen, any procedure involving anti-androgen agents such as those in TRT is bound to have some consequences.

TRT has been reported to cause a decrease in prostate volume.

Additionally, some studies have also found evidence suggesting that the procedure aggravates prostate tumor growth.

Certain prostate cancer drugs are centered on lowering testosterone levels in the body.

Before embarking on a TRT procedure, you might want to check first with an oncologist.

Potential Liver Issues

There is substantial research linking hepatic diseases to endogenous testosterone.

While the specifics are not yet clear, scientists note an increased risk of developing hepatotoxicity, liver disease, hepatic failure, and intrahepatic cholestasis where TRT is involved.

Testosterone Boosters Are an Excellent Alternative

TRT is unquestionably costly.

Depending on your location, health insurance plan, and availability of a generic version, the total cost of TRT ranges anywhere between $1,700 and $3,200 per year.

Some health care facilities have been known to charge as high as $1,000 per month.

In stark contrast, testosterone-booster which can achieve the same results, range in price from $10 to $40 for doses that can last several weeks.

Furthermore, testosterone boosters have negligible to no side effects and are less invasive than TRT.

Talk to Your Doctor About TRT

Talk to Your Doctor About TRT

Just like all medical procedures, Testosterone Replacement Therapy has its merits and demerits.

Medical practitioners must discuss all the potential adverse effects of TRT with their patients first.

While it has, no doubt helped many people with hypogonadism, caution should be exercised when considering TRT for men without any underlying conditions.

Testosterone booster for men is a great substitute to TRT that must also be discussed with a medical practitioner first before administration.

Be sure to report any unexpected or unwanted side effects of TRT or testosterone boosters for men


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Good T booster supplement ingredients

Essential Ingredients of a Good T Booster Supplement

Table of Contents

We all know that testosterone is a natural hormone that both males and females naturally have in their body.

The only problem is when you’re a male and your testosterone levels start to drop too low, or you experience a life change that causes your testosterone levels to drop.

There can be many less than ideal side effects when this happens.

Fatigue, low energy levels, decreased libido and in severe cases, even osteoporosis.

It should be a part of your health regimen as a male to pay attention to your testosterone levels and how it could be affecting your health and your life. 

No guy wants to be dragged down by the side effects of low testosterone.

But, finding the right supplement isn’t always an easy process.

You need to make sure that whatever you’re putting in your body is going to provide benefits and not cause more harm.

The ingredients of the testosterone supplement you choose are very important.

Let’s take a look at some ingredients in one of the top – of – the – line testosterone supplements on the market. 

A real testosterone booster should primarily include supplements, like herbs, that should boost natural testosterone production in your body. 

For instance, look for healthy ingredients like the following:

  • Horny goat weed extract
  • Wild yam extract
  • Tongkat ali extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Boron
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Orchic substance
  • Saw palmetto extract

Horny Goat Weed Extract

According to Medical News Today, Horny goat weed is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb. It is also known by its many botanical names, including Epimedium, and its Chinese name, yin yang huo.” 

This herb has been known to have many positive effects like protecting the immune and nervous systems.

Additionally, based off of anecdotal evidence, icariin, the active component of horny goat weed, might show positive and promising effects in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Wild Yam Extract

It’s not like the yams you eat for Thanksgiving – wild yam extract actually has many medicinal properties and is often used to balance sex hormones by medical professionals who pursue more natural solutions.

The DHEA found in Wild Yam Extract has been known to provide positive effects on individuals suffering from depression or adrenal issues, which can both be contributing causes of libido issues or erectile dysfunction.

This is a crucial ingredient in a well-balanced testosterone boosting supplement.

Nettle Extract

Stinging nettle is a medicinal plant with a lot of beneficial effects for many human ailments.

The plant is commonly called stinging nettle because the stem and leaves have hairy structures called trichomes that cause the skin to sting when you touch them.

While it may look like a weed, the benefits that it brings to a testosterone supplement are valuable. 

Studies have shown promising results from using nettle extract to increase testosterone levels in humans.

Explained simply, nettle extract blocks a specific enzyme that lowers testosterone in the body.

When this enzyme (5 alpha reductase) is blocked, the higher levels of testosterone are maintained in the body. 

Saw Palmetto Extract

Another natural ingredient in a healthy testosterone supplement might be saw palmetto extract.

Saw palmetto is an herbal remedy that comes from the fruit of the Serenoa repens plant.

This supplement is included because it works as a partner to the nettle extract in blocking the 5 alpha reductase enzyme that can break down testosterone in the body. 

When you’re searching for and choosing a testosterone boosting supplement that is right for you, remember that you’re looking for more than simply added testosterone.

You should be searching for a balanced and healthy supplement that will help your body maintain and boost testosterone levels

A Guide to Testosterone Booster Supplements

A Guide to Testosterone Boosters

Table of Contents

The pursuit of happiness is more than a basic right. It’s ingrained in our DNA and contributes to the very survival of the human race. From social interaction to behavioral character traits, physical performance, endurance, sexual prowess, and more, all that makes us who we are as individuals can be traced back to the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, some of the factors that contribute to our happiness, like testosterone, are intrinsically linked to our body functions.

What is Testosterone? And Why is it Important?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that defines the male attributes of all men regardless of size, age, or race. As the main male sex hormone, Testosterone awards every man their manhood. It is produced naturally in the body and starts peaking at puberty to facilitate the development of behavioral and physical male attributes like sperm production, muscle mass, bone density, assertiveness, and more. Testosterone levels peak in the 20’s and start to decline at around the age of 30.

testosterone levels by age

Testosterone levels can drop by 1% each year once you hit your 30’s. It occurs naturally, just like waking up one morning to find a grey hair or two. Low testosterone levels can undermine your pursuit of happiness on so many levels. Without testosterone, your muscles, sex drive, sperm production, and everything that makes you a man are at risk. This is why so many men turn to testosterone boosters when their T-levels begin to decline

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Also known as T-boosters, Testosterone boosters are natural supplements that contain essential ingredients to help men to maintain optimal T-levels. In the men’s body, testosterone plays a critical role in protein synthesis and muscle growth. This makes T-boosters the holy grail of muscle building and the go-to supplement for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Testosterone boosters are scientifically formulated to optimize the production of testosterone in the body. These testosterone supplements work just like appetite stimulants. While most people eat more naturally, others may require a pill or appetizer to consume the recommended portion. These principles also apply to how T-boosters work but for enhancing physical performance and sexual drive instead of food consumption.

Boosting T-levels leads to an increase in sexual desire and activity, which enhances sexual satisfaction. The ingredients of T-boosters are scientifically formulated to catalyze testosterone production. When combined with a good diet and exercise, T-boosters that work can change your physique, energy levels, mood, and all other benefits delivered by testosterone naturally.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Other formulations focus on reducing detrimental hormones like cortisol that can impede or disrupt optimal testosterone production. T-boosters accomplish this by improving sleep patterns, which lowers stress levels and discourages the production of undesirable hormones.

Ingredients of Testosterone Boosters and Their Benefits

Natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels include horny goat weed extract, which is known to protect the immune and nervous systems. Wild yam extracts like DHEA is also a crucial ingredient of testosterone boosters to help individuals suffering from depression or adrenal issues. This naturally sourced ingredient is commonly used by medical professionals to balance sex hormones and treat low libido or erectile dysfunction.

Ingredients of Testosterone Boosters and their Benefits

Testosterone boosters that contain nettle extract can increase T-levels. Studies indicate that nettle extract blocks enzymes like 5 alpha-reductase that lowers testosterone in the body, which leads to higher T-levels.

Saw palmetto extract is another natural ingredient in testosterone boosters for men and is usually combined with nettle extracts. Other natural ingredients of testosterone boosters include Tongkat Ali extract, boron, Sarsaparilla, and Orchic substance.

How Should You Use Testosterone Boosters

For you to exploit all the benefits that testosterone boosters have to offer, you have to take care of your basic health and well-being. Poor lifestyle choices like lack of sleep, overstressing, too little exercise, or too much body fat can hasten or catalyze the decline of your T-levels and undermine the effectiveness of testosterone boosters.

How should you Use Testosterone Boosters

Eat a balanced diet, live healthy, stay active, and get enough sleep, then use testosterone boosters that work, and you’ll see positive results. It is designed to tie all your efforts together and offers a more targeted approach to maintain overall fitness than relying on diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes separately.

When Should You Use Testosterone Boosters?

You can use testosterone boosters whenever you feel you feel your T-levels are dropping. Even though most people associate T-boosters with masculinity and performance in the gym, you can also use these supplements to improve overall fitness, health, and wellbeing.

For instance, studies found a correlation between low testosterone levels and a wide range of issues like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. A testosterone booster that works can help you avoid these reproductive issues and lower anxiety levels.

low testosterone supplement reviews

Low T-levels can also weaken the bones and increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. You can strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of serious health conditions using T-boosters.

What Are the Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters for men can help any man to regain or protect their manhood, endurance, stamina, and optimal performance in a wide range of activities. It can help you rejuvenate both the physical and mental aspects of your manliness. A study conducted by the Shanghai University of Sport on male boxers found that testosterone boosters can reduce muscle damage and improve anaerobic performance.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters

T-boosters can also help men with impaired sperm production, while optimized testosterone levels can reduce stress, improve sleep efficiency, and increase sex drive. This is according to a recent study conducted on rats, which found that T-boosters with plant-based food extracts increased “mount frequency, intromission frequency, and penile erection index.” So if you can’t find the energy to pleasure your partner, testosterone boosters that work can restore and enhance sexual performance

benefits of t boosters

Testosterone boosters can also catalyze the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells, which leads to an increase in oxygen levels delivered to different body parts. More oxygen will enhance your energy levels, and sex drive all night long. Testosterone boosters that work can help you regain everything that makes you a man. It delivers results quickly, regardless of how low your T-levels have dropped.

Before taking any supplements, you need to talk to your doctor to avoid problems down the line. You also need to use the safest testosterone boosters for men on the market to avoid negative effects. Choose T-boosters for men wisely and from reliable providers because low-quality testosterone supplements can expose you to several negative effects like enlarged prostate, which can decrease sperm production.

Using uncertified or low-quality boosters can also increase the risk of producing very high levels of hormones that makes it difficult to manage sexual stimulation and desire. Some testosterone boosters can lead to wild fluctuation in T-levels. It can take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a lifetime. Always insist on certified and approved testosterone boosters for men.

At Dynamism Labs Parent company of Mantfup, we’re dedicated to helping men maintain healthy levels of testosterone. You can rely on Dynamism’s Top-Selling supplement, MANTFUP. It’s certified, natural, and the best Testosterone Boosting supplement for men on the market. With MANTFUP, you can stabilize your natural testosterone levels safely and regain control of your happiness!

Effects Of Testosterone On Brain Behavioral Functions

Effects Of Testosterone On Brain Behavioral Functions

Table of Contents

Testosterone is infamous for being a sex hormone, but it also influences brain behavioral functions. It is responsible for the development of behavioral functions, which occur during the transition from boyhood to manhood. Testosterone is also responsible for the maintenance of brain behavioral functions.

How testosterone catalyzes development of behavioral functions

When a boy hits puberty, the hypothalamus in the brain alerts the pituitary gland. This gland conveys the message to the testicles to start producing testosterone. Other glands, like the adrenal, also help in the production of testosterone, but most come from the testicles. T-levels begin to rise rapidly and the transition from boyhood to adolescence commences!

t-levels catalyze behavioral function

Source: nature.com

The rising T-levels catalyze behavioral changes like rebellion, aggression, territorialism, independence, secrecy, and so on. Peak testosterone levels catalyze the development of complex behavioral traits defined as male attributes. In a man’s 20s, behavioral changes decrease as testosterone levels flatten gradually. By the age of 30, young men are more focused on important issues like economic independence as opposed to their level of testosterone. Both physical and behavioral changes affected by testosterone enable the transition from boyhood to manhood.

The effects of testosterone on cognition and mental processes

Testosterone influences brain behavioral functions related to cognitive performance and mental processes. The most common effects relate to anxiety, spatial memory, depression, personality, “senior moments”, verbal fluency, aggressiveness, and decision-making.


Anxiety is the most sensitive behavioral trait. It is not only sensitive to testosterone but also very important for decision-making and response to stress. A 2014 study linked high testosterone levels to lower anxiety in both men and women. The findings indicated that women have higher anxiety levels but lower T-levels. On the other hand, men have lower anxiety due to higher T-levels.

test booster for mental process

Source: healthline

Lower anxiety allows you to make decisions rationally based on facts and react more appropriately in a stressful situation. As a testosterone-laden man, it is less likely that you will jump in front of oncoming traffic just to escape a mouse on the sidewalk.

Verbal vs. spatial memory

In the battle of sexes, women take the trophy for verbal memory and men have an upper-hand in visual-spatial memory. In women, testosterone has a positive effect on verbal memory. Men with high T-levels have higher spatial memory.

memory booster supplements

Source: southcountychildandfamily

Men’s spatial memory starts to decline in their 30s once testosterone begins to fall. This is why middle-aged men never ask for directions. Why ask when you know you can’t follow verbal directions? But, you can maintain spatial memory by boosting your testosterone levels. All you need is a test booster that works.


Depression is another one of the brain behavioral functions influenced by testosterone. A recent study analyzed the prevalence of depression in both men and women across different ages. It found a higher prevalence in women when compared to men and prevalence among men increased with age.

testosterone booster for depression

Source: healthline

The study confirmed that the prevalence of depression increased among older men as T-levels declined. Testosterone boosters for men offer the perfect solution to boost your T-levels and reduce the risk of depression.

Senior moments

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind when assessing senior moments. Studies have linked higher testosterone levels to the preservation of brain tissue. As we age past 30, T-levels fall leading to accelerated aging of the brain and the decline in mental functions. Memory is fragile and is usually the first mental function to decline. You can rejuvenate an aging brain using the best brain booster supplements.

t booster for seniors

Source: theleader.fitness

The decline in functions like information processing can lead to cognitive impairment or dementia. One study found that older men with higher T-levels perform better on cognitive tests. So, memory lapses and senior moments can also be addressed using test boosters that work.


We are all not the same, right? Some men are more competitive, emotional, or confident than others. Behavioral differences in men are attributed to T-levels. Higher testosterone levels are associated with aggressive competitiveness. Some men are too competitive because they have more than enough testosterone while others have very low T-levels and are less competitive.

testosterone booster in men

Source: semantics

Extremely low T-levels can lead to hypogonadism, which is highlighted by a lack of competitiveness, drive, and morale to achieve. You can rely on a testosterone booster for men to increase your T-levels and boost your drive.

Speech and verbal fluency

Have you ever wondered why men are not as chatty as women? A study conducted during sex reassignment using testosterone therapy highlighted why men are not chatty. MRI brain scans revealed a decrease in the volume of grey matter in the Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas of the brain of female-to-male subjects after testosterone therapy.

The two areas affected by testosterone are associated with speech and verbal fluency and decreased language processing abilities. This explains why testosterone-laden men cannot chat for hours. Brain booster supplements can help you enhance brain functions related to language processing.


Testosterone influences brain behavioral functions related to ambition. As women age, estrogen levels drop while testosterone levels increase slightly. The increase in T-levels affects the brain leading to behavioral changes that bolster assertiveness and aggressiveness.

The changes increase women’s interest in power and play a bigger role in society. Older women are renowned for being the best leaders the world over and steadfast matriarchs. The slight increase in T-levels creates the perfect estrogen-testosterone balance.

Confident risk-taker

Another study linked testosterone to intuitive decision-making. It found that testosterone-laden men are more confident in their decision-making but also take more risks. Risk-taking can be beneficial in specific situations and also dangerous in others. If you wish to take more risks in life confidently, you can rely on a testosterone booster for men to boost your T-levels.

At Dynamism Labs Parent company of Mantfup, we’re focused and dedicated to helping men maintain healthy levels of testosterone. If you want to reap the positive effects of testosterone boosters without the negative effects, you can rely on Dynamism’s Top-Selling supplement, MANTFUP. It’s certified, natural, and the best Testosterone Boosting supplement for men on the market. With MANTFUP, you can stabilize your natural testosterone levels safely and regain control of your happiness!

Effects of Testosterone Boosters on Body Functions

Effects of Testosterone Boosters on Body Functions

Table of Contents

While aging gracefully is an honor, you will have to accept the changes that come with aging and adapt accordingly. For starters, it is common for men to experience a decline in sex drive as they age. In most cases, this decline begins at the age of 30 and any man can experience the rise and fall of testosterone levels (T-levels).

testosterone levels by age

Besides aging, factors like injury, treatments, disorders, and inflammation can lower T-levels. But you won’t give up your sex drive without a fight, will you? No way! To keep your sex drive at an all-time high, you need a testosterone booster that works perfectly.

What are Testosterone Boosters?

Also known as T-boosters, testosterone boosters can increase testosterone levels
in the bloodstream. Higher testosterone levels equate to a higher sexual drive. To what end? Testosterone boosters are just like appetite stimulants. We all know one person who always eats more after a hearty appetizer or taking a pill, right? Some people eat more naturally. Others require a little help. These principles also apply to how T-boosters work.

Testosterone boosters are just like appetite stimulants but for increasing sexual drive instead of food consumption. When you take testosterone boosters, T-levels increase from low to normal. This leads to an increase in sexual desire and sexual activity. As we all know, more sexual drive increases satisfaction. But how do T-boosters effect these changes?

testosterone effects on body

How Testosterone Boosters Influence Bodily Functions

The intensity of the effects of testosterone boosters on bodily functions can vary from person to person. But, most people experience an increase in sexual drive regardless of age. How are these changes achieved with testosterone boosters?

Increases Sexual Drive

We’ve all heard the “use it or lose it” theory as teenagers, right? Recent studies show that this theory is partly true. More sexual stimulation and actual sex leads to an increase in testosterone. To find what you’ve lost, you have to walk back to where you had it last.

since there is no way to make you younger, testosterone boosters focus on reacquiring your sex drive. So, testosterone boosters like MANTFUP
increase natural T-levels to help men reacquire their desire for sex. Higher sex drive leads to increased sexual stimulation, activity, and satisfaction. It creates a surge in sexual appetite!

Increase Red Blood Cells

Once testosterone boosters are assimilated, they travel around the body in the bloodstream (this is why a blood test is used to measure T-levels). While in the bloodstream, testosterone boosters can catalyze the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. These cells deliver oxygen to different body parts and drive you all day long.

With more red blood cells working overtime, you will feel more energetic and your sex drive will also increase. More red blood cells may also have a positive effect on your heart.

Muscular Body

Most people associate a muscular body with high T-levels. But is it actually associated? The increase in oxygen delivered by red blood cells can help you obtain a muscular body because your muscles benefit from extra oxygen and bulk.

t booster for muscular body

An increase in testosterone catalyzes an increase in neurotransmitters, which is tasked with tissue growth. This is why a muscular body is regarded as one of the effects of testosterone boosters.

Melt the Fat

You can’t obtain muscles out of the blue, right? So, where does body fat go? Most people start gaining weight after hitting 30 years as T-levels drop. But, testosterone boosters can reverse this and ensure you maintain your build long past 30 years.

t booster for fat loss

Testosterone causes protein synthesis by interacting with nuclear receptors in DNA. It also increases growth hormones. An increase in synthesis and growth hormones makes it easier for you to convert body fat into muscles. With testosterone boosters, you can exercise and obtain a muscular body quickly by converting body fat.

Enhance Bone Density

Testosterone in the bloodstream interacts with bone marrow, which ramps up the production of red blood cells. An increase in red blood cells increases bone density. With higher T-levels, you are less likely to suffer from bone fractures and breaks.

Rejuvenates Hair Growth

Being the only one among your teenage friends without any signs of a broken voice or a soft beard was brutal. Rising T-levels encourage the growth of pubic hair and body hair. Some users of testosterone for men have experienced a rejuvenation of hair growth. Just like a lush mane of a virile lion, obtaining thick and lush hair signals your sexual strength ahead of the pack.

Issues to Consider

For you to obtain all the positive effects of testosterone boosters on bodily functions, you need the best testosterone for men on the market! You can’t obtain these benefits if you pick any random testosterone supplement. Why? Because not all T-boosters for men are developed with the same technology and natural testosterone ingredients

There are several negative effects of testosterone boosters on body functions. The risk of suffering these negative effects increases drastically if you use low-quality testosterone boosters.

  • Sperm production: Using low-quality testosterone boosters can negatively affect how the testicles function. In some cases, low-quality testosterone boosters can enlarge the prostate, which makes the testicles become softer and smaller. This can lead to a decrease in sperm production.
  • Unmanageable sex drive: Control and moderation are vital for any T-booster. Using uncertified and low-quality boosters increase the risk of producing very high levels of hormones. Maintaining high hormone levels constantly is unhealthy. It can be challenging to focus on daily life and activities with unmanageable sexual stimulation and desire.
  • Dormancy of organs: Some testosterone boosters can take over bodily functions permanently. They can render an organ obsolete. This usually occurs when a booster substitutes the work done by the organ and does not let go even after you stop taking the booster.
  • Emotional roller-coaster: Some testosterone boosters can lead to wild fluctuation in T-levels. Abnormal fluctuation of hormone levels can take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a lifetime. From high to low esteem in an instant. Or, sad to happy and back to sad all day long.

You don’t have to increase the risk of suffering from these negative effects. Always insist on certified and approved testosterone boosters.

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Does Testosterone Aid Aging Men

Does Testosterone Aid Aging Men

Table of Contents

Testosterone levels for men generally reach their peak during adolescence and early adulthood. However, as men age, these levels will gradually decline over time. In fact, they usually decrease about 1% each year after the age of 30 or 40. For older men, it’s important to determine whether the lowered levels are due to the natural aging process, or if it’s caused by a disease such as hypogonadism. If the issue is caused by natural changes that occur during aging, it may be a good idea to begin looking into a testosterone booster for men.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that’s found naturally in the human body, and is produced by the testicles. It’s responsible for the development of male genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics.

Testosterone helps maintain:

  • Bone density
  • Red blood cells
  • Reproductive and sexual function
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Fat distribution
  • Sperm Production

This hormone is also important because it contributes to a man’s well-being and vitality.

What happens when a man’s testosterone is low?

When a man’s testosterone levels are low, there are numerous physical changes that occur in the body. Here are some of the most common side effects of low testosterone:

  • An increase of body fat
  • Bones become fragile
  • Decreased amount of body hair
  • Tenderness or swelling in breast tissue
  • Hot flashes
  • Cholesterol metabolism changes
  • Increased fatigue
  • Decreases in sex drive

Yet, that’s not all. Low testosterone can also lead to insomnia and other changes to sleep patterns. As if that’s not bad enough, it can also contribute to emotional changes. It can lead to increased feelings of depression and sadness. Some men may even notice they have issues with concentration, memory, as well as lowered self-confidence and motivation.

How to Increase Testosterone

There are many proven methods for increasing testosterone. Let’s take a look at the best ways:


One of the most effective ways to boost levels naturally is by exercising. Studies have shown that people who regularly exercise have higher levels of testosterone. This is also true in elderly men.

It’s said that the best types of exercise for this are resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Yet, any type should help at least a little. It’s also suggested that taking creatine monohydrate and caffeine in combination with a training program will increase your results.

Eat Carbs, Protein, and Fat

Diet plays a major role in testosterone levels, and that of other hormones as well. The best option is to pay attention to long-term caloric intake and diet strategies. When a man constantly diets or overeats, it can disrupt natural testosterone levels.

Yet, eating the right amounts of protein can help maintain healthier levels and help with fat loss. Research has shown that eating carbs can help optimize testosterone levels, especially during resistance training. Perhaps one of the best things you can eat though is healthy fats. They are not only good for T-levels, but also for overall health.

A diet focused on whole foods is a great option, as it will provide the correct amounts of protein, carbs, and fats.

Additionally, there are lots of testosterone boosting foods you can add to your diet. Some of the best ones include:

  • Tuna
  • Low fat milk with vitamin D
  • Fortified cereals
  • Egg yolk
  • Beef
  • Shellfish
  • Oysters
  • Beans
  • Ginger
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Pomegranates
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Onions

There are lots of other foods that can help as well. You should also keep in mind that there are foods you need to avoid that can actually decrease testosterone levels. These foods include ones that are processed, packaged in plastic or cans, and alcohol.

Reduce Stress

There’s plenty of research that shows all the ways long-term stress and elevated cortisol levels can hurt your body. When it comes to men, constant elevations in cortisol will quickly deplete testosterone levels. These two hormones work much like a seesaw: when one raises, the other lowers.

Stress can lead to an increase in food intake, which will lead to weight gain and the storage of body fat around the organs. These changes alone are enough to decrease your testosterone levels.

Take a Testosterone Booster for Men>

Testosterone boosters are supplements specially formulated for men with low T-levels. They are a natural blend of herbs that can help increase the body’s levels of testosterone. Once you begin taking a T booster supplement, you’ll notice changes such as:

  • The body begins to get rid of fat and build more muscle
  • Skills such as mathematical reasoning, spatial learning, and memory will get better
  • Libido will increase
  • Mood will improve

These are just a few ways a testosterone booster can help men. However, these benefits will happen much faster when combined with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Should Old Men Take Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters can be a beneficial supplement for men of all ages. However, older men should first consult with their doctor to ensure their heart is healthy enough to begin taking them. There have been many studies conducted on this subject and some findings have been less than stellar for certain groups of men.

The research found that in terms of libido and sexual function, when T-levels were raised from low to normal, erectile dysfunction, sexual desire, and sexual activity all increased. It also helped improve symptoms of depression and their overall moods.

Researchers also found that T booster supplements helped increase bone density and strength.  However, researchers were unable to link these supplements with improved cognitive function. At the same time, they did find that older men who take testosterone boosters were at an increased risk of heart attack, as there was a significant increase in the volumes of non-calcified coronary artery plaque.

So, as we mentioned, such supplements may be beneficial for some older men, but you should always consult with your doctor before you begin taking one.

In the end, maintaining healthy levels of testosterone is important at any age. If you are experiencing side effects of low Testosterone, it may be time to begin looking for a quality supplement. Our MAN TF UPnatural Testosterone Boosting supplement is specifically formulated to address the issues that come with declining testosterone levels. Our goal is to help you stabilize natural Testosterone levels to achieve a safe, healthy balance and get your life back!

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Top 10 Reasons Testosterone Levels Drop in Men

Table of Contents

If you paid even a passing amount of attention to your high school health classes, it’s likely that you are familiar with the hormone testosterone.

Testosterone actually exists in the bodies of both genders, but it is the primary hormone responsible for the development of men.

It does a lot of work in the male body, including controlling sex drive, sperm production, muscle mass, and energy.

It’s also responsible for some personality traits such as aggression and competitiveness.

It’s important that your body has sufficient levels of testosterone to promote overall health and wellness and to promote this, you’ll want to make sure that you keep an eye on signs that your testosterone levels have dropped lower than normal.

Why do Testosterone Levels Drop in Men?

A drop in testosterone has nothing to do with your personal masculinity. It’s a clinical issue that can stem from any number of sources.

We’ve outlined a few of these possible sources below:


If your body experiences a trauma that interrupts the blood supply to the testes can have a dramatic effect on their function that leads quickly to a low testosterone level.


Naturally, if you are undergoing treatment for cancer, chemotherapy wreaks havoc on the body.

Testosterone production is certainly a part of that damage, and it’s very likely you will experience low testosterone levels during chemo.

Certain Medications

If you are prescribed certain medications, including opioids, hormones, and steroids, they tend to interrupt testosterone production.

Prednisone is an example of one of these commonly prescribed medications that can inhibit testosterone levels.

Metabolic Dysfunction

Your metabolic system has a lot to do with the production of testosterone within the body, so any metabolic dysfunction including hemochromatosis would certainly prevent your testosterone levels from remaining stable.

Chronic Substance Abuse

The abuse of any substance from alcohol to drugs to opioids will have a marked effect on your testosterone production and lead to diminished levels, as those substances cause major repercussions throughout the body.

Chronic Disease

HIV/AIDS, inflammatory conditions, Kallman Syndrome, kidney failure, and any other major chronic illness are likely to have a major impact on every major system in your body, including testosterone production.

Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes also contributes to testosterone production issues.

Obesity or Weight Loss

Obesity can certainly result in low testosterone, but it might surprise you to know extreme weight loss can also lead to an interruption in testosterone production.

Either way, your system is experiencing stress it isn’t designed for and will need to adjust to continue to function normally.

Estrogen Excess

An excess of estrogen can come from a simple hormonal imbalance or it could come from an environmental or external source.


As the body ages, it goes through dramatic changes, whether you are male or female, but one of the most common effects in men is low testosterone.

Steroid Abuse

It might seem counterintuitive that steroids cause low testosterone in users, but if taken to access, steroid abuse can lead to very low testosterone levels, since your system has been overloaded and interrupted for too long.

In many of these cases, the cause for your low testosterone might be a source you are aware of, particularly if it comes from a chronic disease or condition.

However, if you find that you experience the symptoms of low testosterone and you aren’t sure why it’s happening, it’s an excellent idea to speak to your physician about possible causes.

Low testosterone levels come from an interruption in your natural hormone production and this interruption can be a sign of an underlying condition that you are unaware of or it could be a sign that your body is reacting unexpectedly to a medication.

Additionally, if you are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, low testosterone is one of the systems that will be affected by your substance abuse, and you will want to seek help for your addiction before you attempt to treat your low testosterone levels.

Signs You Might Be Suffering From Low Testosterone

While any number of these causes might bring about low testosterone in men, the effects of low testosterone can be tracked through the following symptoms:

  •     Diminished sex drive
  •     Erectile dysfunction
  •     Depression
  •     Difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  •     Overall fatigue or poor energy
  •     Moodiness, irritability, or difficulty controlling your mood.
  •     A decrease in muscle definition or mass
  •     A decrease in hemoglobin leading to mild anemia
  •     A decrease in body hair
  •     Loss of bone density leading to osteoporosis
  •     Weight gain and increased body fat
  •     Breast development, also known as gynecomastia
  •     Infertility

These symptoms can be inconvenient at best and seriously compromise your quality of life at worst.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you will want to consult your doctor about the possible cause before you investigate options for treatment of the issue.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for treatment, including testosterone supplements.

T boosters are designed to supplement your natural testosterone production and give you that extra bit of help that you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

At Dynamism Labs Parent company of Mantfup, we produce the best testosterone booster on the market. By combining our scientific knowledge of the body and our top tier ingredients, ours is the best testosterone booster for men that you could possibly find. If you’re looking for further information on our top-of-the-line products, you can find out more here.

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10 Fundamental Eating Habits for Muscle Gain

Table of Contents

Building muscles is not what it used to be; a way to impress the girls. Instead, it is a serious sport and it can be a means of staying healthy. 

Building muscles takes a lot of exercise, which doctors say is good for overall health and for keeping weight under control. 

However, there is more to gaining muscle than the exercises. Another important part of it is what is eaten.

What to eat


If you’ve ever watched the pre-game meal of many pro football players, meat was probably the main thing on the menu. Protein is vital to both building muscle and health. However, it is important to choose protein wisely.

There are three schools of thought. One is basically the carnivore diet. Meat is central to it, with other things on the side… maybe. Even those who aren’t building muscle can ascribe to this diet. Keto is a good example. Second is to skip meat all together. There are other sources of protein, and it is friendlier to the body and to the planet to skip meat.

The school of thought that seems to work the best is all things in moderation. Choose lean cuts of meat or fatty fish and keep it to one serving a day or less. A serving is about the size of a pack of cards.

Protein drinks These are very popular. Brands like Muscle Milk come in ready to drink bottles or huge plastic jars of powder. If you wish to go this route, it is best to choose one that does not have soy in it. Soy can cause reproductive cancer and is best avoided.

Raw fruit

Why raw? It has more available nutrients than the preserved counterparts do. The only exception to this is frozen berries. They tend to have more antioxidants once frozen than they do fresh and raw. When choosing frozen berries, it is wise to read the ingredient label to avoid excess sugar.

Raw vegetables

This is partly for the same reason. There is a bit more to it. If you consider a raw carrot versus a cooked one, you can see that it will take more energy to chew the raw one. There is no zero energy food, but too many calories are not a good thing.

Whole grains

There is a trick to this one. When shopping for whole grains, read the ingredients label carefully. The package may say “whole wheat” in big letters on the front of the package. Chances are good that when you read, the first ingredient is white flour. Fourth or fifth there may be some whole wheat.

If you look for packages that say “multi-grain,” you may be closer. However, they can still trick you. Always read the labels of everything. The same holds true for pasta, oats and any other whole grain food item.


Yes, snacks are useful in this. In fact they are vital both pre and post workout. Like any other part of a diet for muscle gain, the snacks have to be chosen with care. Here is where the protein powders and/or bars can come in handy. A pre-workout snack should have some protein and something like fresh fruit or vegetables. After the workout, more protein plus carbs are a good plan.


Technically this is a drink, but hydration is extremely important, especially when trying to build muscles. For those who are sedentary, a gallon of water per day is adequate. However, building muscle means training, and training vigorously.That causes a lot of perspiration, which dehydrates quickly.

There is such a thing as too much water, but talk to a trainer about what is right for your body. In this instance, another sixteen ounces or more may be needed to make up for what is lost due to intense physical activity.

What not to eat?

Just as there are fundamental things to eat when trying to build muscle mass, there are a few to avoid. Most of these should be avoided by everyone, but in particular for those who are working hard to be extremely physically fit.

Excess sodium

There will be a need to have some sodium, as perspiration will rid the body of it. However, high sodium foods are not something to consume. This includes most chips, French fries and so on. Most of these foods are also gratuitous carbs, and would not be wise for that reason.

Energy drinks

It is so tempting; that extra boost of energy. It’s especially tempting after a long day at work and before facing an intense workout. Please, skip the energy drinks. They are more harmful than the boost they provide is worth. Afib, heart palpitations, heart attacks and strokes can lie in that direction.

High fructose corn syrup

The number of products high fructose corn syrup can be found in is astounding. Even savory foods may have some of this sugar. This is one reason that all of us should read every label of every food we want to eat or drink. Even some coffee creamers are guilty in this area.

High fat foods

Animal protein does come with some fat. However, if you look up the nutrition data on a Big Mac and large fries at McDonald’s, you’ll note that along with the protein comes two days’ worth of fat. Lean protein is much healthier and provides more available nutrients than does its high fat counterparts.

This sounds like it is difficult to employ, but in actuality it is similar to the other changes made in habits for the goal of building muscles. This is an activity that calls for a great deal of self-discipline, which will benefit those who work for it in other aspects of life.

Finally, healthy eating and a strategic workout plan can help you gain muscles. However, why not build this muscle faster and more effectively by trying out a muscle gain supplement? You may see delayed results from working out or eating well. 

One of the reasons can be low testosterone levels. But, this doesn’t have to slow you down. Learn more about Dynamism Labs testosterone boosting supplements for men

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