Beard Care During Pandemic - While Wearing Face Masks

Beard Care During Pandemic – While Wearing Face Masks

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Nothing should ever come between a man and his beard, except his well-being. Regardless of how much you love your beard, your health should always be a priority. The recent global health crisis transformed our way of life and simple pleasures like growing a beard. Men who are attached to their thick, full-grown beards contemplated shaving for the first time in decades.

Beard Care


Beards don’t go well with face masks, which creates a dilemma. Although wearing a mask is your first line of defense against the invisible enemy, it can negatively affect your beard’s growth, shine, and thickness.

What is the Issue with Beards and Face Masks?

According to CDC’s facial hair infographic, you can safely wear face masks with simple beard styles like stubbles, handlebar mustaches, and soul patches. It is a huge relief that you don’t have to shave your fountain of youth. But, you still need to address the challenge of covering your lush beard under a face mask for prolonged periods. Thick beards require unrestricted airflow, which is a challenge if you’re wearing a tight-fitting face mask.

Issue with Beards and Face Masks


Covering your thick beard with a cloth mask for prolonged periods can capture the heat and moisture from your breath. Condensation with high temperatures creates a conducive environment for bacteria to colonize your beard and face mask. It puts your beard, comfort, and overall health at risk. To protect your lush facial hair, youthful skin, and health, adopt effective beard care strategies.

Beard Care Tips for Your Protection

You need effective beard care strategies to help you adapt to the new normal. Find a mask that fits perfectly to improve airflow and ventilation. Your face mask should not be too tight and baggy. It should sit against the skin rather than your hair to reduce the risk of infection. You can find face masks with pleats, which can stretch and comfortably hold all your thick beard inside. But finding the perfect mask only solves one part of your dilemma. The second part of the equation is protecting your beard. Traditionally, beard care focused on promoting healthy facial hair and skin. In this uncertain time, your routine should protect your beard and overall health. You can rely on these 5 beard care tips for your protection:

Take care of Beard Dent

The main issue with mask-wearing is the heartbreaking beard dent. You style your beard in the morning to enhance your look, but you’ve also got to wear your mask in most public settings. The mask can push your beard downwards or sideways, resulting in an unflattering look. It leaves a horizontal line that splits your beard like a curtain of facial hair. You can’t attend important meetings and job functions looking like a clown!

Take care of Beard Dent

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Fortunately, there is a simple strategy to eliminate beard dent and restore your cutting-edge style for modern gentlemen. First, dampen your facial hair and apply beard oil or conditioner. Second, use a round brush to straighten hair strands, eliminate beard dent, and restore your stylish look. You can sneak a round brush and beard oil into the office and store them in your drawer.

Trim Your Beard

Before the pandemic hit, you trimmed your beard to protect your looks and boost your confidence as you socialize and engage with the world. Working from home with minimal social interactions can entice you to let your beard run wild. Overgrown and unkempt facial hair can create gaps on your mask and allow the virus to sneak in. Trimming your beard is crucial now than ever.

Trim Your Beard Source:

The goal is to trim your beard to comfortably fit in your mask. Your mask’s seal on the edge of the fabric should sit on smoothly shaven skin to ensure airtight protection. Apart from a ZZ Top-style beard, you can trim most styles for your mask to cover all your whiskers and facial hair. Use the two-finger rule when trimming your neckline and avoid scraping off your neck. Invest in a trimmer and take the time to learn this vital beard care routine.

Supplement your Beard 

Covering your beard under the mask for hours every day is stressful to your sensitive facial skin, hair strands, and follicles. Your body should supply more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to protect your youthful skin and thick beard. Supplementation can help your body meet increased nutritional needs. You can use the best beard growth supplement to boost the supply of vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Supplement your Beard


Supplements for beard growth can nourish the skin underneath your facial hair. It contains natural ingredients like vitamins, which can help your body naturally moisturize, soften, and smoothen the skin and support healthy beard growth. Supplementation as part of your beard care routine can help you address the challenges of wearing masks constantly. It is the most effective strategy to protect your facial skin and promote long-term beard health.

Maintain Beard Hygiene

Even though wearing a face mask protects your beard from dust and dirt, it also increases the heat and accumulation of sweat and moisture from your breath. Harmful bacteria, germs, and pathogens can reproduce quickly in warm, dark, and moist areas. Colonies of disease-causing bacteria on your beard and insider your mask poses serious health risks. It also increases the risk of bacterial infection on the skin, leading to bald spots, thinning, and strong>decreased beard growth. Wearing a face mask regularly without adequate beard care and hygiene is a recipe for disaster. You can eliminate these risks by washing your beard twice or thrice a week.

Maintain Beard Hygien


You can cleanse your facial skin once in a while to keep your beard neat and clean. Don’t over-wash your beard! It can erode essential oils from the skin underneath and dry out or weaken hair follicles leading to uprooting. You can use supplements for a thicker beard to replace lost nutrients and regrow your facial hair quickly. It can address beard thinning and catalyze rapid hair growth to cover any bald spots.


Most beard-related problems such as beardruff and itchiness occur due to dehydration. You can use natural beard moisturizers with essential oils to nourish and hydrate your facial skin. Applying beard oils can keep your beard hydrated, soften longer whiskers, and moisturize the skin underneath.

natural beard moisturizer


To enhance the effectiveness of your beard oils and moisturizers, use beard growth supplements. Combining moisturizers and supplements for beard care can promote healthy skin and support full-grown facial hair in the long term.

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